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Why Go Digital for Credentialing?

CAQH LogoWant to reduce the friction and frustration around credential attestation? The ADA and CAQH have teamed up to help streamline the paperwork process so you can spend more time with patients – and your family! There are many reasons to go digital – here are the top three dentists have shared.


1. It's all in one place

It's an easy way to access and update CAQH ProView, a centralized and protected location for storing and updating dentist data and documentation. Benefits include:

  • Single "provider profile" that can be shared with authorized plans
  • Maintenance of information on multiple locations and dentists
  • Dentists can self-register before joining a plan network
  • Web-based workflow that flags errors and incomplete information for immediate correction
  • Enhanced security features to protect data
  • Ability to make updates at any time, that are immediately available
  • Dentist support via phone and live chat

2. Reduces repetitive paperwork

It helps reduce repetitive paperwork by enabling dentists to input data, document images, and professional information once electronically. And subsequent attestations can be done digitally, confirming with a click of a button.

3. The price is right

The ADA credentialing service is available free of charge to all U.S. licensed dentists, ADA members and non-members alike.