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DQA Educational Series

DQA Videos

The Dental Quality Alliance has produced its first series of video tutorials, titled "Introduction to Quality Measurements." The series contains five tutorials:

  1. About the DQA (2:16) This tutorial explains when and why the Dental Quality Alliance was formed, and how it has benefited the field of dentistry.
  2. What is Quality (3:28) This tutorial defines the term “quality” as it relates to healthcare. Included in the tutorial is an examplefor measuring quality of oral healthcare.
  3. How is Performance Measured in Dentistry (3:52) Thistutorial defines the term “performance” as it relates to dentistry. Thetutorial explains the different levels of assessment and data sources for measurement in dentistry.
  4. What is a Measure (3:07) This tutorial explains the different components of a measure including numerators, denominators and exclusions.
  5. Process for Starter Set (3:16) This tutorial explains the process the DQA used to develop the Starter Set.

DQA Guidebook

The Dental Quality Alliance (DQA) has published a resource document titled "Quality Measurement in Dentistry: A Guidebook" to serve as a tool to educate various audiences on the basic purpose, importance, scope of the quality measurement within dentistry. This Guidebook serves as the basis for understanding quality measurement in dentistry, and provides an overview of the current status of measurement, the science behind measurement, as well as the role of the Alliance. Document posted February 2012.