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Fluoridation Facts

Fluoridation Facts is the ADA's premier resource on community water fluoridation. This 71-page booklet is a comprehensive encyclopedia of fluoridation facts taken from over 350 scientific references. Fluoridation Facts includes information from scientific research in an easy to use question and answer format on the topics of effectiveness, safety, practice and cost-effectiveness of fluoridation.

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Additionally, the booklet contains a Compendium of more than 125 "National and International Organizations That Recognize the Public Health Benefits of Community Water Fluoridation for Preventing Dental Decay."

Fluoridation Facts contains answers to frequently asked questions regarding community water fluoridation. A number of these questions are based on myths and misconceptions advanced by a small faction opposed to water fluoridation. The answers to the questions that appear in Fluoridation Facts are based on generally accepted, peer-reviewed, scientific evidence. They are offered to assist policy makers and the general public in making informed decisions. The answers are supported by thousands of credible scientific articles including the more than 350 references within the document. It is hoped that decision makers will make sound choices based on this body of generally accepted, peer-reviewed science.