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PatientSmart FAQ

  • Why might I need PatientSmart?
  • I am ready to subscribe. How will it work?
  • Is it just videos?
  • How is PatientSmart different from ADA Toothflix DVDs?
  • What if I decide to cancel?
  • Will this information all be under my web address?
  • What does it cost?
  • Won't all that information overwhelm my patients?
  • I already pay someone to update my site. Why do I need this?
  • Does PatientSmart work on iPads and mobile phones?
  • Is PatientSmart a website?
  • What is PatientSmart?
  • How is PatientSmart different from what other web companies are offering?
  • I have more than one dental office (or more than one website). Can PatientSmart be used for the other offices too?