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Ultra-Comfort Rx - No-Boil Dental Guard

Vendor:  Splintek, Inc.
Protects teeth from clenching and grinding, without the hassle of boiling water or microwaving to fit. With SleepRight’s patented self-adjust dental night guard technology, you have two bite pads that comfortably fit between your upper and lower molars to re-establish your natural freeway space. Ideal guard for smaller mouths or sensitive gums.
 Product Images 
Image: Ultra-Comfort Rx - No-Boil Dental Guard    Image: Ultra-Comfort Rx - No-Boil Dental Guard
 Product Details 

  • No Boiling water needed to fit, No impressions
  • Protects teeth from Clenching / Grinding
  • Prevents TMJD caused by chronic jaw clenching
  • Most Durable Bite Pad material available
  • Short-term pain relief from occlusal interference
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