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EZ-Fit® Translucent

Unlike other "dowl" and “wedge” shaped fiber posts, EZ-Fit has a second tier which prevents "Bottoming Out" which will eliminate the high apical stresses under function common to other passive posts. The proven second tier actually compensates for the natural anatomical flare of the canal.
 Product Images 
Image: EZ-Fit® Translucent  Image: EZ-Fit® Translucent  Image: EZ-Fit® Translucent
 Product Details 

  • Highly Translucent and Radiopaque
  • Provides the ability to light-cure cements and core material
  • Multi-tiered for high retention and relief of apical stress
  • Designed to the anatomical shape of the canal
  • Undercuts of the Head and Shank for High Retention
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