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Other events of 1913, JADA's first year

Some highlights from the year JADA was founded, listed by the month in which they took place.

December 10, 2012

By James Berry


• Delta Sigma Theta, the world's largest sorority for African-American women, is founded at Howard University, Washington, D.C.

• Jim Thorpe is forced to relinquish two Olympic gold medals he'd won the year before when it is disclosed that he played professional baseball in 1909-10; at the time, professionals were not allowed in the Olympics; Thorpe reportedly had been paid $2 a game to play baseball in the Eastern Carolina League.


• The New York Armory Show introduces Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Marcel Duchamp to U.S. art lovers.

• A small prize is first included in a box of Cracker Jack.


• Woodrow Wilson is inaugurated 28th U.S. president.

• The Internal Revenue Service begins to levy and collect income taxes.


• The British House of Commons rejects a measure that would give women the right to vote.


• Protesting the Commons vote, suffragette Emily Davison throws herself into the path of a horse at Epsom Derby; the horse, Anmer, is the property of King George V; Ms. Davison succumbs to her injuries four days later.


• At Gettysburg, in the Great Reunion of 1913, Confederate veterans reenact Pickett's Charge; upon crossing the famous field, they are greeted with open arms by tearful Union survivors.


• Otto Witte, an acrobat, is crowned King of Albania.


• Lincoln Highway opens; it's the first paved coast-to-coast U.S. highway.

• In an 18-hole playoff, 20-year-old amateur golfer Francis Ouimet defeats professionals Harry Vardon and Ted Ray to win the U.S. Open; years later, the match is declared “The Greatest Game Ever Played” in a movie of the same name; Ouimet's winnings: $300.


• Automaker Henry Ford introduces the moving assembly line.


• The Official Bulletin of the National Dental Association debuts; it is the forerunner to The Journal of the American Dental Association.

• Notre Dame upsets Army 35-13 in a game credited with the first effective use of the forward pass.


• The “Mona Lisa,” stolen out of the Louvre Museum in 1911, is recovered; a Louvre employee had simply walked out of the museum with it under his coat; he is arrested when he attempts to sell it to a museum in Italy.