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Endodontist steps up to compliance challenge with HIPAA-OSHA kit

March 19, 2012

By Jean Williams, ADA News staff

Dr. Anupama Sridhar has her hands full.

In 2008, she purchased Crystal Lake Endodontics in Crystal Lake, Ill., from a retiring fellow practitioner. Three years later, business is quite hearty, and she is working just as heartily to keep everything manageable.

Her increasingly busy schedule makes staying abreast of practice compliance issues a tougher challenge for her and her small staff—one part-time front desk employee and two assistants, she said.

“I used to do the Occupational Safety and Health Administration training myself,” she said. “I downloaded some information from the Internet. It would talk about all the blood-borne pathogens and all the basic OSHA rules and the MSDS sheets and all those things. And I wasn’t sure if that was adequate.”

She would also get flyers in the mail for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and OSHA courses, but the training “was pretty expensive,” she said. “So I figured I would get what the ADA has.”

Recently, Dr. Sridhar purchased the HIPAA and OSHA Compliance Kit.

“I’m picky,” Dr. Sridhar said. “Everything I do, I try to follow the rules. I try to go by the book with everything. That’s why I get all this information.”

All ADA practice compliance resources, including the HIPAA and OSHA Compliance Kit, are available on the new e-catalog site. Visit to purchase HIPAA and OSHA products at a 15-percent discount using promotional code 12208.

For more information, call 1-800-947-4746.