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In wake of hurricane, ADA president issues email alert to members

November 02, 2012

Editor’s note: The following is the text of an email message that Dr. Robert A. Faiella, ADA president, sent to members today.

As dentists, our common bond undoubtedly includes deep concern for any communities affected by disasters, including their dentists. Across the country, our hearts certainly go out to all those suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Many dentists were among those in harms’ way from the storm. I’d like to update you on how ADA and our network of state and local dental societies are responding.

Before the storm struck the coast, ADA’s disaster team contacted dental associations serving states along the Atlantic coast, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, plus some inland, to link them to resources for dentists during the recovery phase. Key information was posted on including information about ADA Foundation grant programs.

In the wake of the storm, ADA News immediately posted new information on and Twitter. The ADA also began an ongoing series of contacts with state associations in affected areas. Together, we are sharing information—as this tragedy unfolds—on how dentists (members and nonmembers alike) were affected, how dental association operations were affected, and how the ADA and ADAF can best help with recovery efforts.

The ADA News will run continuing coverage, and I encourage you to visit to help you stay informed of the latest news.

The ADA Foundation is prepared to make disaster assistance grants to qualifying individuals and organizations affected by Hurricane Sandy. If you’d like to support the ADA Foundation in making more grants available, please visit for information on how to make your tax-deductible donation. The ADAF’s Disaster Assistance Grants Program provides grants of up to $5,000 for dentists who have lost property in a declared disaster, and to organizations which can provide emergency dental care in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Individual dentists affected are encouraged to check with their state dental associations regarding disaster recovery. Information is also available on or through the ADA Member Service Center at 312.440.2500.

At times like these, the phrase “dental family” has no greater meaning. The ADA and your state and local dental associations are determined to do all we can to help.