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Oral surgeon/guitarist finds harmony in Medical Musical Group

September 17, 2012

Louisville, Ky.—Dr. Richard Pape, an oral surgeon and amateur guitarist in Louisville, Ky., joined the Medical Musical Group in 2010 for the opportunity to play with an orchestra.

Fine tuning: A guitarist for more than 20 years, Dr. Richard Pape said developing an interest in classical guitar led him to join the Medical Musical Group.

“It’s a great group. A diverse group of dentists, physicians, nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists and other health professionals and their family members—lots of really good people,” said Dr. Pape. “An amateur musician doesn’t often have the opportunity to play with an orchestra so joining seemed like an interesting new experience.”

Dr. Pape played in the Veteran’s Day concerts in 2010 and 2011 and also traveled to Paris in 2010 to play a concert and to spend some time sightseeing with his wife, Dr. Selena Pape, who is also a dentist. This fall’s MMG performances are set for Nov. 2 at the First Baptist Church of Orlando (Fla.) and Nov. 6 at Toronto’s Church on the Queensway. MMG musicians and vocalists can also tour Toronto and Montreal Nov. 2-12.

“I was given the opportunity to play Rodrigo’s 'Concierto de Aranjuez’ for guitar with the orchestra in 2011,” he said. “That was a wonderful experience.”

Dr. Pape said studying and performing music helps him fine tune his attention to detail, his work ethic and his discipline—skills that are also necessary in his dental practice.

Dental professionals interested in joining should be able to read music and have some ensemble playing experience, “but you don’t have to be a virtuoso. And those who have sung in a community or church choir might be interested in joining the MMG’s large choral group.”

For more details on the group and its upcoming concerts and travel plans, call 202.797.0700, log on to Medical Musical or email