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Volunteers honored

September 17, 2012

In August, the ADA Committee on International Programs and Development awarded the Certificate for International Volunteer Service to dentists and dental students who spent at least 14 days performing dental services in a foreign country. Recipients were nominated by their state or local dental society, federal dental services or dental school. A total of 73 ADA member volunteers from 24 states and the United Kingdom were honored.

The committee is accepting nominations for its 2013 awards. State and local dental societies, the federal dental services and dental schools can nominate any dentist or student who has spent at least 14 days in a 24-month period performing dental services in a foreign country. The deadline for submission is April 1, 2013.

For more information, go to our certificates page or contact the ADA Division of Global Affairs, Ext. 2726 or

James Aichlmayr

Mark Albers

Peter Auster

Eugenio Beltran

Charles Bloomer

Henry Chalfin

Gayle Cheatwood

Anthony Ciccariello

Sarah Coutts (S)

John Dominici

Michael Faktor

Abe Finton

C. Dale Fisher

Dominic Michael Gioffre, Jr.

Kimberly Gise

Ernest Goodson

Gregory Guyman

Harry Harcsztark

Byron Henry

Don Hite

Martin Hobdell

Gary Horn

Dave Jones

C. Neil Kay

Lester Kempler

John Kerwin

Thomas Laboe

Steve Lebo

Margaret Lee

Jack Levine

John Ley

Richard Litchfield

Thomas Littlefield

Dana Lubet

Aidain McKinlay (S)

Robert Meyer

Christine Min

James Moody Alexander

William Nally

Mark Ortinau

Alison Parker-Cole (S)

Atul Patel

Bradley Perrett

Maria Pruss

Rose Randall

Douglas Sandmann

John Schacherl

Thomas Schuetz

Gary Seiden

Stanley Shulman

Sarah Silverstein (S)

Shirley Spater Freedman

Alan Spano

J. Ross Stooksberry

Laurence Stone

Sue Suh

David Sullivan

Ryan Takeda (S)

Jennina Townsend

Ross Uhrich (S)

Michael Unger

Radka Varimezova (S)

Sean Vostatek

Samuel Weisz

Jan Westberry

Stuart Whiddon

Allen Wong

Laurence Wynn

Mark Wyss

Michele Yamada

Sussi Yamaguchi

Stanley Young

Andrew Zucker

(S) = Dental Student Nominee