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ADA researchers present at IADR conference

June 03, 2013

By Jean Williams, ADA News staff

Seattle—ADA scientists and researchers presented 14 scientific abstracts and other works March 20-23 during the 91st annual General Session & Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research here.

IADR met in conjunction with the 42nd annual meeting of the American Association for Dental Research and 37th annual meeting of the Canadian Association for Dental Research.

The ADA Foundation Paffenbarger Research Center, located in Gaithersburg, Md., presented the following at the joint meeting:

  • Assessment of Adhesive Effects on Marginal-gap Formation by µCT, an oral presentation by Dr. Gary Schumacher; Jirun Sun, Ph.D.; Heather Gula, former PRC intern; and Sheng Lin-Gibson, Ph.D., National Institute of Standards and Technology;
  • Centrifuge Salivary F Should Be Used to Measure Topical Efficacy, an oral presentation by Gerald Vogel, Ph.D.; Laurence Chow, Ph.D.; and Dr. Schumacher;
  • Identifying Functions of TiO2 Nanoparticles in Photo-Polymerization of Dental Resins, an oral presentation by Dr. Sun and David Allsop, a former PRC intern;
  • Initial Trial of a Multi-Tooth Dynamic Reactor for Investigating Secondary Caries, presented by Burton Schmuck, Dr. Schumacher, Ms. Gula and Clifton Carey, Ph.D., the University of Colorado;
  • SEM Backscatter Imaging for Quantitative Hydroxyapatite Mineral Density Measurement, an oral presentation by Mr. Schmuck, Ms. Gula and Ellen M. Sanin, a high school student volunteer;
  • A New Fluorapatite and Calcium Silicate Cement for Endodontic Treatments, a poster and oral presentation by Dr. Chow; Shozo Takagi, Ph.D.; Weijia Wang, a high school student; and Stanislav Frukhtbeyen;
  • Synthesis of a Novel Cross-Linking Monomer for Use in Dental Resins, poster presentation by Dr. Rafael Bowen;
  • Fluoride Deposition From Experimental Calcium and Fluoride-containing Prophylaxis Paste, poster presentation by Dr. Takagi; Stacy Coleman, former PRC associate; and Dr. Chow.

Members of the ADA Division of Science also presented:

  • Examining the Depth of Cure for Bulk Fill Composite Materials, a poster presentation by Dr. Greg Zeller and Amer Tiba, Ph.D., of the ADA and Albert Hong, Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health, A.T. Still University student.
  • Evaluation of Wear Indicators on Disposable Handpieces, a paper presentation by Henry Lukic, Julia Anglen and Spiro Megremis, Ph.D.;
  • Testing of Performance Characteristics for Air-Turbine Handpieces of Various Designs, a poster presentation by Daniel Edward Halpin, Mr. Lukic, Henry Shepelak, Victoria Ong and Dr. Megremis;
  • Determination of Transformation-Temperature-Ranges of Orthodontic Nickel-Titanium-Archwires Using the Bend-and-Free-Recovery Test, a poster presentation by University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry faculty Grace Viana and Drs. Maria Therese S. Galang and Carla A. Evans; Noor Aminah Obaisi, UIC orthodontic postgraduate resident; Mr. Lukic; and Dr. Megremis;
  • Method for Measuring Toothbrush-Head-Retention-Force of Powered-Toothbrushes Both Statically and Dynamically, a paper presentation by Ms. Ong, Dr. Megremis, Mr. Lukic and Mr. Shepelak.

Additionally, Kamyar Nasseh, Ph.D., health economist in the ADA Health Policy Resources Center, presented Dental Care Utilization Increased Among Children, Decreased Among Adults in the Past Decade.

For more information, contact the ADA Division of Science by email at For more information about PRC posters and presentations, call 1-301-975-6806 or email