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My summer with the ADA

Meet the 2013 American Student Dental Association externs in the ADA Washington Office.

June 26, 2013

Newfound knowledge:
UCLA dental student Adrien Hamedi-Sangsari

My name is Adrien Hamedi-Sangsari and I am a third year student at UCLA School of Dentistry. I am very passionate about organized dentistry and believe that it is the foundation of our profession. It allows us to provide the highest quality clinical care to our patients while also maintaining a viable small business. I have taken on leadership roles during my dental education because the attributes that I acquire today will be expected of me in my future practice. My training to earn a D.D.S. degree relies on my ability to gain academic and clinical competency, while secondarily becoming a leader for my school and profession. The ADA and ADPAC provided me with four exciting weeks; with this newfound knowledge, I have an increased sense of respect for the day to day operations of organized dentistry and an increased urge to fight for this profession. I learned that the relationships built with legislators need constant attention and that change occurs only with the fervent desire to seek it.

Capital experience:
Indiana dental student Chau Leminh

My name is Chau Leminh and I am a second year student at Indiana University School of Dentistry. It may seem like an overwhelming task deciding where to start learning about national policy and organized dentistry. However, the key is to conquering limitations in your own knowledge, and don't be afraid to start! The ASDA Washington, DC National Health Policy Externship has given me the opportunity to better understand the legislative process and the significance of lobbying efforts. It is essential to realize that current issues, such as the Medical Device Excise Tax or the Dental Insurance Fairness Act, have significant implications on the cost of dentistry. Passion directed towards taking political action and passing this spirit on to others can create a cascade of change that allows us to put our patients and their access to care as a top priority.