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Seeking standards projects volunteers

June 17, 2013

The ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics is recruiting volunteers for five new work projects.

Volunteers will help to develop technical reports as part of ADA standards committee working groups. Here are details on the five work projects:

  • Proposed ADA Technical Report No. 1077 for Dental Biometric Descriptors. No. 1077 will address biometric data concerning oral- and perioral-related characteristics, including images of pattern injuries of possible intraoral origin, latent images of possible perioral origin and palatine descriptors. Radiographic dental age determination also will be covered. These dental biometric descriptors are being developed for inclusion in American National Standards Institute/National Institute of Standards and Technology-Information Technology Laboratory 2011, a standard that deals with the transmission of biometric information between police agencies.
  • Proposed ADA Technical Report No. 1076 for Practitioner's Guide to E-Mail Transmission of Digital Images. No. 1076 will provide clear and concise guidance for ADA members on how to properly send digital dental images and patient data as email attachments.
  • Proposed ADA Technical Report No. 1078 for Preparing Images for Digital Exchange. For ADA members who need to convert film images to digital files, No. 1078 will cover digitizing methods and the patient information that needs to be recorded along with the digital images. It will present guidelines and recommendations for preservation of the context of the image and the patient information that goes with it in a standardized format.
  • Proposed ADA Standard No. 1079 for Electronic Attachments for Dental Claim. No. 1079 will specify the content of an electronic dental claim attachment for predetermination and claims for actual services. It is generalized for a claims attachment for various types of dental services such as periodontal, orthodontic and oral and maxillofacial surgery. This new standard will cancel and replace ANSI/ADA Standard No. 1047—Standard Content of an Electronic Periodontal Attachment.
  • Proposed ADA Standard No. 1080 for Implementation of ADA Standard No. 1067—Electronic Dental Record Functional Requirements. No. 1080 will develop a set of implementation guidelines for dental information system developers wishing to implement the functional requirements specified in ADA Standard No. 1067 for EDR Functional Requirements. The standard will include use cases for testability.

For more information about participating on the ADA standards committee working groups that will develop these reports, contact Paul Bralower via the ADA toll-free number or email at