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Dental publications net honors in New Orleans

November 04, 2013

New Orleans—The American Association of Dental Editors held its annual conference Oct. 29-30 at the Westin New Orleans Canal Place Hotel.

In addition to a program covering various aspects of dental journalism and publishing, the meeting featured awards for dental publishing excellence.

On Oct. 29, Dr. Robert A. Faiella, ADA president, and Dr. Kathleen O'Loughlin, ADA executive director, announced the 2013 ADA/AADE Dental Editor Service Award for Susan Miller, noting her 25 years of service as managing editor for Northwest Dentistry Journal of the Minnesota Dental Association. Carol Emberton, MDA, accepted the award on her behalf.

They also presented Dr. John Thompson, of Louisville, Ky., with the 2013 ADA/AADE Distinguished Dental Editor Award for his work as editor on KDA Today for the Kentucky Dental Association.

On Oct. 30, during the Annual Dental Editors' Luncheon, the AADE Meskin Journalism Award was bestowed to the Houston Fill, published by the University of Texas School of Dentistry American Student Dental Association Chapter; co-editors Macey Cartrite and Laura Nelson; dean John A. Valenza, D.D.S.

The William J. Gies Foundation for Advancement of Dentistry/William J. Gies Awards were presented as follows:

  • First Place: “Oral Health Literacy,” by Dr. Bruce Terry, editor, Pennsylvania Dental Journal, Pennsylvania Dental Association;
  • Second Place: “Oral HPV: The Need for Patient Education,” by Dr. Virginia Merchant, editor, Journal of the Michigan Dental Association, Michigan Dental Association;
  • Third Place: “The Lessons I Learned From Herpes,” by Dr. Jim Nail, editor, MDA Focus, Missouri Dental Association.

ICD Journalism Awards

The International College of Dentists-USA Section Oct. 30 presented its 39th Annual Journalism Awards at the AADE meeting.

The awards are arranged by category and division (Division 1, publications with staff, large budget and circulation; Division 2, publications with few or no staff and small to medium budget and circulation).

Golden Pen (Article or series of articles of current interest to the profession)

Division I:

  • Journal of the California Dental Association, February 2012, “Dental Sleep Medicine,” Dr. Kerry K. Carney, editor.
  • Texas Dental Journal, May 2012, “Oral Cancer: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management of Sequelae,” Dr. Stephen R. Matteson, editor.

Honorable Mention:

  • JIDA, Fall 2012, “10 Trends Shifting the Foundations of Indiana Dentistry,” Dr. Jack W. Drone, editor.
  • Journal of the Michigan Dental Association, August 2012, “Cover Story-DVT Profiles,” Dr. Virginia A. Merchant, editor.
  • AGD Impact, October 2012, “The Business of Oral Health Care—A Look Into the Corporatization of American Dentistry,” Dr. Roger D. Winland, editor.

Division II:

Journal of the Tennessee Dental Association, Fall/Winter 2012, “Periodontal and Oral Manifestations of Marijuana Use,” Dr. H. Clifton Simmons III, editor.

Platinum Pencil (Best use of graphics)

Division I:

  • WSDA News, December 2012, Dr. Mary Jennings, editor.

Honorable Mention

  • Pennsylvania Dental Journal, Nov/Dec 2012, Dr. Bruce R. Terry, editor.

Division II:

  • Journal of the Macomb Dental Society, Summer 2012, Dr. Michelle C. Dziurgot, editor.

Silver Scroll (Most improved publication)

  • The Globe, 2012, Dr. Sheldon Dov Sydney, editor.

Special Citation (Unusual concept and /or presentation)

  • Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society, Fall 2012, “Treating the Age-One Patient,” Dr. David B. Becker, editor.
  • Journal of Dental Education, January 2012, “75th Special Anniversary Issue,” Dr. L. Jackson Brown, editor.
  • Smart Mouth, Summer/Fall 2012 and Winter/Spring 2013, Dr. Stephen R. Matteson, editor.
  • The Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice Annual Report Series, September 2012, “2012 Periodontal and Implant Treatment,” Dr. Mark A. Reynolds, editor.


  • WDA Tongue 'n' Cheek”¦and Teeth, too!, Spring/Summer 2012 and Fall/Winter 2012, Dr. Robert Brennan, editor.

Outstanding cover

Division I:

  • Northwest Dentistry, July-August 2012, “Equine Dentistry,” Dr. William E. Stein, editor.

Honorable Mention:

  • Journal of the California Dental Association, November 2012, “Back to the Future: the Medical Management of Caries Introduction,” Dr. Kerry K. Carney, editor.
  • Tufts Dental Medicine, Fall 2012, “Caught—Bacteria on the Run With No Place to Hide,” Helene Ragovin, editor.

Division II:

  • The Nugget, March 2012, “Associates & Partners—What Makes the Perfect Dynamic Duo?” Dr. James Musser, editor.

Leadership editorial/article

Division I:

  • Journal of the California Dental Association, February 2012, “Dental School Debt: Swimming to the Surface or Drowning,” Dr. Ruchi K. Sahota, author.

Honorable Mention:

  • NYSDA news, May 2012, “Everything I Needed to Know about Dentistry I Learned From Scuba Diving,” Dr. Jeffrey M. Galler, author.

Division II:

  • Journal of the Macomb Dental Society, Summer 2012, “Guardians of the Oral Cavity,” Dr. Michelle C. Dziurgot, author.