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ADA’s 'We Are One’: Campaign highlights need to work together to grow membership

Campaign highlights need to work together to grow membership

October 21, 2013

By Kimber Solana, ADA News staff

We Are One: Dr. Robert Faiella, ADA president, and Dr. Greg Pafford, AzDA president, join members of the Arizona House of Delegates in the unveiling of AzDA's "We Are One" theme.
Sedona, Ariz.—The Arizona Dental Association (AzDA) unveiled its “We Are One” theme, a concept showcasing its commitment to the “Power of 3” to strengthen collaboration throughout the tripartite to grow membership and build member value.

“We Are One” highlights the need for the ADA, state dental associations and local dental societies to work together in addressing uncertainties facing organized dentistry, including the need to grow membership, said Dr. Greg Pafford, AzDA president.

Dr. Robert A. Faiella, ADA president, who attended the unveiling of AzDA's campaign at the Arizona House of Delegates Sept. 23-24 praised AzDA's commitment.

“The Arizona Dental Association understands the importance of alignment in the tripartite to improve efficiency, avoid duplication of effort, and maximize value to our members by taking advantage of the best each level has to offer,” said Dr. Faiella. “The ADA and state and local dental societies all serve important roles in the value equation. Dr. Pafford and the AzDA board are to be commended for this effort on behalf of their members.

Both Dr. Faiella and Dr. Pafford addressed the Arizona House of Delegates and emphasized the importance of a unified voice when it comes to growing membership and increasing member value.

“It is important that we show dentists the value of becoming a member and that we listen, we care, and that we are stronger together,” Dr. Pafford said. “The camaraderie and friendships we build through tripartite membership are our greatest assets. They provide access to resources and opportunities that we could not get on our own as individual dentists.”

“Dr. Faiella showed his commitment from the ADA by traveling from the Vermont HOD meeting across the country to Phoenix the same day and then driving over two hours to get to Sedona,” Dr. Pafford added. “Commitment throughout the tripartite will be crucial in building trust and unity between the ADA and state associations.”

In November, the AzDA will host a leadership conference that the ADA and state leadership will facilitate. Past state presidents and ADA leaders are expected to work with young leaders from Arizona to discuss challenges facing dentistry today.

“It's a chance to grow relationships not only between the ADA and AzDA leadership, but also a chance to grow relationships with the young leaders in the state,” Dr. Pafford said. “It is through our strength in numbers and unified efforts that our membership model will succeed. How we respond to and learn from the successes and challenges that we face each day will define our lives and our profession.”