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EPA denies fluoride petition

October 08, 2013

Washington—The Environmental Protection Agency said a petition seeking to prohibit the use of hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFSA) as a water fluoridation agent “provides no information that would cause EPA to question the current approach.” The EPA, which regulates fluoridation under the Safe Drinking Water Act, denied the petition.

The petition sought to stop the use of HFSA, which is the most commonly used fluoridation agent in the United States. In addition, the petitioners claimed that pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride (NaF) provided an existing alternative source of fluoride for water fluoridation.

“For the reasons set forth in this document, EPA denied the TSCA [Toxic Substances Control Act] section 21 petition,” the agency said in a notice published in the Aug. 12, 2013 Federal Register, a digest of government regulatory activity. The petition requesting a change of fluoride agents was dated May 9, 2013 and submitted by American University students, alumni and faculty, the EPA said. The cover letter to the petition was signed by co-petitioner, J. William Hirzy, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry, American University, who has publicly opposed community water fluoridation.