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Center for Professional Success debuts

September 16, 2013

By Kelly Soderlund, ADA News staff

Atlanta—The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Sept. 3 announced cooperative agreements with 21 states offering nearly $6 million in grants over the next year and approximately $30 million through 2018 to promote oral health.

“With CDC support, the states receiving these awards will be better able to monitor their populations' oral health, identify priorities and target efforts and expand activities aimed at preventing oral diseases among individuals, families and communities,” said Dr. William Bailey, acting director of the CDC Division of Oral Health.

Hawaii, Idaho and New Hampshire received state oral disease prevention grants averaging $230,000 under the program's entry-level “basic capacity for collective impact” component. Eighteen states with “more advanced oral health programs” received grants averaging $310,000 for “implementation of evidence-based community preventive interventions and access to clinical preventive services,” the CDC said: Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

The aim of the CDC Division of Oral Health grant program is to assist state health departments to improve the oral health of residents, in particular those children and adults who are most at risk for such oral disease as tooth decay. The CDC grants are renewable for up to five years.

Visit's and web pages for additional Association information and resources.

The ADA Center for Professional Success is live on the Web and available to help ADA members navigate the challenges of being a dentist.

The Center, located at, is a one-stop shop for dentists who are seeking resources that will help them succeed as dental practitioners and small business owners. This new ADA member benefit will help dentists find solutions to professional and personal challenges. The website includes everything from tips for choosing a career path to balancing personal and professional lives to planning for retirement.

“Dentists spend their days making clinical decisions to provide the best treatment for their patients,” said ADA President Robert A. Faiella. “While caring for patients is dentists' primary goal, they are also juggling business and personal tasks every day, while also trying to find the right work/life balance. The ADA Center for Professional Success allows members to focus on being a dentist, while we help provide resources to streamline the rest.”

Dr. Faiella: The Center "allows members to focus on being a dentist, while we help provide resources to streamline the rest."
Among some of the Center's features are:

• financial calculators to factor loan payments and overhead expenditures;

• in-person and online practice management education;

• ergonomic tips;

• patient communication strategies;

• dental benefit resources;

• information on buying and selling a practice;

• marketing materials to recruit and retain patients;

• staffing tips.

“The theme of the Center for Professional Success is to practice, learn and live,” said Dr. Joseph Unger, chair of the Center for Professional Success Advisory Committee. “We should always keep in mind that it's important to balance those three things if we want to be successful as dentists and just as ourselves.”

ADA members can read a variety of articles on topics that may pertain to their practice or their home life. Current features focus on rules for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act; 80 ways to make your practice green; and information on an executive practice management program at the University of Florida, among others. New content is being added regularly, and ADA members can expect to find something new each time they visit.

Members can also take a virtual tour of the website and use the Ask the ADA feature to ask practice management and wellness questions to ADA staff.

“This is something I wish was around when I started practicing dentistry,” said Dr. Jonathan Knapp, chair of the Council on Dental Practice. “As dentists, we've got the clinical side covered. But you often find yourself with questions about the day-to-day operations of running a business. I'm confident that the Center for Professional Success will address members' needs when it comes to succeeding in their chosen practice settings.”

The Center for Professional Success is sustained with the help of several corporate sponsors. Founding sponsors include ADA Business Resources and ADA Members Insurance Plans, and Gold Sponsors are AXA Equitable-ADA Members Retirement Programs and Procter & Gamble.