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Action for Dental Health movement

April 07, 2014

Stories that showcase ADA's Action for Dental Health are posted online at the ADH landing site as they develop. Dr. Charles Norman, Association president, introduced these stories in the March 17 ADA News print edition, inviting readers to share their ADH stories.

ADH stories posted online since those introductory print reports describe additional state and local initiatives to increase access to regular dental care through Action for Dental Health. To read all of the complete stories, visit Action for Dental Health at

Profile of a CDHC: Lori Wood

If there is one thing that Lori Wood has learned as a Community Dental Health Coordinator, it is that regardless of location, many people need to better understand the importance of dental health and how to take care of themselves and their families. CDHCs work in inner cities, remote tribal areas and Native American lands. Most grew up in these communities, allowing them to better understand the problems that affect access to dental care.

Private practice dentists improve oral health capacities of community health centers in Montana

Longtime contracting agreements between community health centers in rural Montana and area dentists ensure that local residents receive both necessary and consistent dental care—regardless of their economic status. And such arrangements have the added benefit of allowing health centers to add or increase the amount of dental care they provide to patients without having to build dental clinics or hire dentists.

Maryland dentists hope to spread long-term care through pilot project

Dentists and hygienists in Maryland provided care to more than two dozen residents at Rockville Nursing Home last month as a kick-off event for a project they hope will serve as a template to improve long-term care throughout the state. Treatment included dental examinations with charting, cleanings and fluoride varnish applications, according to Dr. Charles Doring, a staff dentist at the nursing home and Legislative Affairs Committee chair of the state dental association.

Virginia dentists plan event for nursing home residents

Recognizing that America's "greatest generation" suffers disproportionately high rates of dental disease, Virginia dentists will provide care to seniors in a Richmond-area nursing home this spring as a kick-off event for a greater push to improve access to dental care among that population. The Virginia Dental Association is organizing the event, which will provide care to as many as 200 nursing home residents and will involve several dentists and their support staff, according to Dr. Ted Sherwin, president of the Virginia Dental Association.

Maryland coalition aims to reduce ER visits for dental pain

Dentists in Frederick County, Md., have a plan to reduce the number of people visiting the local hospital's emergency room for dental concerns. "Dentists in Frederick County recognize that there is a growing national trend of ER visits related to dental pain," said Dr. Rick Rogers, president-elect of the state dental society. "Certainly, this is also happening locally, and we are excited to have a plan in place to correct this issue."

Maine hospital's dental clinic alleviates ER burdens

Patients at Waldo County General Hospital in Belfast, Maine, are reaping the benefits of a dental clinic recently opened onsite. Like many hospitals across the country, Waldo County General Hospital found itself increasingly swamped with patients seeking treatment for dental pain in the emergency department. In addition to taxing the department's overall resources, these patients were not receiving the comprehensive dental care needed to address their problems.

The Association invites you to share your ADH story by contacting Rhys Saunders in the ADA Public Affairs Department at