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Member-Get-A-Member program recruits 119 in 2013

By Kimber Solana, ADA News staff

Get-A-Member: Dr. Tom Kelly speaks during an ADA Council on Membership meeting on April 3 at ADA Headquarters.
Thanks to the recruitment efforts of current members, the ADA welcomed 119 new members in 2013, recruited through the Member-Get-A-Member program.

The Member-Get-A-Member program rewards members with a $100 gift card for each new, active member they recruit (up to five members), or recruiters may decline the incentive and the ADA will make a donation to the ADA Foundation.

Along with the incentives, members are provided with a set of tools such as printable promotional materials and recruitment tips to help the ADA grow.

"Organizations don't connect with people the same way people connect with each other," said Dr. Tom Kelly, chair of ADA Council on Membership. "When I speak one-on-one, I can ask about what my fellow dentist is looking for and then share how membership is valuable and how being a member can help address his or her needs as dentists."

The Member-Get-A-Member program was the outgrowth of conversations in the ADA Council on Membership where members realized how many of them had a one-on-one experience with a dentist who had encouraged them to join, Dr. Kelly said.

As for 2014, the program hopes to recruit even more members by targeting graduate students.

Many graduate students don't realize that the ADA has a membership option for them while they are completing their advanced dental education or residency programs, Dr. Kelly said.

"It's a great bargain at just $30 a year, and graduate student memberships are eligible for the Member-Get-A-Member incentive," he said.

For more information on the Member-Get-A-Member program, including downloadable promotional materials and tips, visit