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R&R Conference highlights building member value through Power of 3

April 21, 2014
All smiles: Dr. Donna Meek of Winchester, Ky., shares a laugh during the 2014 ADA Annual Conference on Membership Recruitment and Retention held April 4-5 at ADA Headquarters.

Greatest gain:Holding the Texas Dental Association's awards are (from left) Dr. Jodi Danna, TDA Council on Membership member; Lee Ann Johnson, director of the TDA Department of Member Services and Administration; Dr. David Doerre, chair of TDA Council on Membership; Jane Evans, TDA; and Dr. Carmen Smith, TDA, and member, ADA Council on Membership. TDA's awards include the Greatest Net Gain of New Dentists and Having the Greatest Student Conversion Rate.
In an effort to build and enhance member value, 150 state and local dental society volunteers and staff members dedicated to growing membership gained innovative perspectives from colleagues and speakers at the 2014 ADA Annual Conference on Membership Recruitment and Retention.

With the theme of Power of 3: Building Member Value, the key focus was the newly launched initiative aimed at positioning the national, state and local levels of the ADA for ongoing growth.

Even the "Three Musketeers" made a special appearance in support of their goal during the April 4-5 event at the ADA Headquarters.

"I hope the idea of 'All for one, and one for all" resonated with the great group of membership leaders in attendance," said Dr. Tom Kelly, chair of ADA Council on Membership, who along with Dr. Mike Durbin, vice chair, and Steve Rauchenecker, director of the Council on Membership and Membership Outreach, dressed up as the Three Musketeers.

"In working together with a common goal and acting in concert with each other, the national, state and local associations should be seen as acting as 'One (association) for all (members),'" said Dr. Kelly.

The Power of 3 initiative underscores the mission of the ADA to "help all members succeed" by delivering programs, services and advocacy for members by working together to maximize value and service regardless of where the experience occurs for members.

"We have to understand that if we're effective in the Power of 3, we can certainly be effective in delivering best in class service to our members," said Dr. Charles Norman, ADA president, in welcoming the attendees.

Welcome: Dr. Tom Kelly, chair of the ADA Council on Membership, welcomes about 150 volunteers and leaders during the 2014 ADA Annual Conference on Membership Recruitment and Retention held April 4-5 at ADA Headquarters.
Keynote and other speakers covered a wide range of topics that included addressing key goals of the Power of 3: Enhancing member value, increasing member participation and ensuring a consistent member experience.

"The Power of 3 is an amazingly simple idea to focus on the strengths of each level of the ADA to maximize membership value," said Jerrell Welch, Oklahoma Dental Association director of membership services. "In a multi-level organization, such as ours, it's key to create membership value without duplicating efforts and providing redundant benefits. I think this initiative will help us streamline certain services and processes making the entire organization more efficient and effective."

Keynote speaker and best-selling author Kelly McDonald opened the conference by giving sound advice in ways for dental societies to become "go-to" organizations, foster membership loyalty, and craft and deliver a better member experience for every kind of member.

"A personal connection with a fellow dentist is powerful," said Dr. Alexa Vitek, of the Michigan Dental Association. "No matter how much we embrace technology advancements, there is nothing that can replace a personal connection between two people."

Crafting experience:Best-selling author Kelly McDonald speaks on how a dental society can distinguish itself as a go-to organization, foster long-term membership loyalty and deliver a better member experience in her keynote presentation during the R&R conference at ADA Headquarters. 

Component comment:Anete Masters, San Fernando Valley Dental Society, speaks during author and keynote speaker Kelly McDonald's presentation, Crafting the Member Experience, at the 2014 ADA Annual Conference on Membership Recruitment and Retention.
Other sessions included sharing of emerging, promising and best practices; targeted approaches for reaching new dentist members and prospective members; strategies for maximizing member value; how to deliver excellent member service by interacting effectively with members and navigating challenges at different stages of the membership lifecycle.

Attendees also exchanged ideas, toured the ADA and were honored during an annual awards ceremony recognizing dental societies who saw the most growth or improvement in various categories.

"For me, the ADA Research and Insights session outlining key factors impacting lifelong membership was the most important thing I took back from the conference," said Jason Mauterer, Metro Denver Dental Society director of marketing and communications. "Knowing I need to focus on the students, and specifically working with the faculty of our local dental school really helps guide my upcoming membership events and efforts."

In the end, attendees left reenergized with a sharpened focus on recruitment and retention and access to tools and resources that support member service and member value.

"The ideas shared and the new ones thought up get everyone thinking and focused on our members and the best way to engage them," said Dr. Kelly. "Being in a conference setting with like-minded staff and volunteers breaks down barriers and really builds enthusiasm to go back and reach our members."