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New Dentist Conference being re-envisioned at ADA 2015 — America's Dental Meeting

August 18, 2014

By Kimber Solana

Dr. Hasty

Dr. Schwab

In an effort to reach more new dentists and optimize resources, the annual New Dentist Conference is trying something new — holding next year’s event in Washington, D.C., in conjunction with the larger ADA 2015 — America’s Dental Meeting.

The New Dentist Committee has formed a workgroup to develop a vision and mission for the new dentist programming at the annual meeting, beginning with 2015.

“It is my hope that through collaboration between the NDC and the Council on ADA Sessions, we will truly be able to give new dentists the benefits of two meetings in one,” said Dr. Chris Hasty, NDC liaison to the CAS.

“If we can succeed at this, the Association and the NDC will be able to reach more new dentists, and hopefully attract new dentists and future leaders to the ADA and America’s Dental Meeting.”

The New Dentist Committee will collaborate with CAS to determine the format and programming for the re-envisioned conference in 2015.

The annual New Dentist Conference, which was held last month in Kansas City, Missouri, has been a stand-alone event designed for dentists who are less than 10 years out of dental school, averaging 345 registrants since 1992. The conference gives new dentists opportunities for leadership development, to network with peers and attend quality continuing education courses with others in the same career stage.

“We think that collaborating with America’s Dental Meeting would give us a wonderful opportunity to build on the New Dentist Conference experience with a larger pool of new dentists,” he said, noting that about 1,000 new dentists attend the annual meeting who do not necessarily attend the New Dentist Conference.

In addition, by expanding the new dentist programming in the annual meeting, more new dentists can be exposed to the ADA House of Delegates and other leaders in organized dentistry.

 “We are excited to plan for more opportunities for new dentists so they can have excellent experiences at America’s Dental Meeting,” Dr. Brian Schwab, NDC chair, said. “We will enhance courses tailored to new dentists and develop more opportunities for engagement that will promote dialogue exchange and social networking. It needs to be fun and welcoming for new dentists.”

CAS will take the lead on the logistics and meeting planning for the new dentist program. The NDC will develop key content to enhance the experience for dental students and new dentists. Both the NDC and CAS welcome input, especially from dental students and new dentists on the re-envisioned event. They can contact their NDC representative to provide feedback.

“The main focus will be to maintain some of  that small, non-intimidating feel of the current New Dentist Conference format while providing access to all that the larger America’s Dental Meeting offers,” Dr. Hasty said. “If we can succeed at this, it will be a win, win, win for the New Dentist Committee, CAS and the ADA.