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Costco publication examines fluoridation, polls readers

Log on soon to vote online

June 04, 2014

By Stacie Crozier

The June issue of The Costco Connection—the well-known warehouse club's print and online magazine that reaches millions of readers each month—features information and a link to an online readers' poll on community water fluoridation.

This month's Informed Debate column asks, "Should Community Drinking Water Be Fluoridated?" and asks readers to weigh in via an online poll.

Costco gave the ADA the opportunity to explain the benefits of community water fluoridation for the column.

Dr. Howard Pollick, a member of the ADA National Fluoridation Advisory Committee, authored the pro-fluoridation piece that appears at the top of the right-hand page.

"Dr. Pollick did a great job conveying the ADA position on water fluoridation," said Dr. Charles Norman, ADA president. "In plain language, Dr. Pollick explained to readers how fluoridated water not only helps decrease tooth decay by 25 percent, it's also responsible for cutting down on dental costs since every $1 invested in water fluoridation saves communities $38 in dental treatment costs."

The full article can be found online (

"Voting will be open for the next two weeks," Dr. Norman said. "I encourage all ADA members to look for the poll online and vote yes."

(Be sure to vote from your laptop or desktop computer, since some voters using cell phones and tablets have experienced technical issues.)

Since 1950, the ADA has unreservedly endorsed the fluoridation of community water supplies as safe, effective and necessary in preventing tooth decay and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention call fluoridation one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century. Visit for the latest on fluoridation news, ADA policy and statements and a variety of resources.

The Costco Connection published for the members of Costco Wholesale and for others curious about the world of Costco. It is one of the largest-circulation monthly magazines in the United States, with more than 8.6 million recipients. The monthly publication features articles on a variety of topics, including food, health, books, technology, travel, personal finance and small business.