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Coming later this year: CDT 2015 plus CE course at ADA 2014 in San Antonio

May 05, 2014

By Kelly Soderlund

Dr. Vorrasi

ADA members looking forward to the Association's annual meeting can also look forward to a new CDT Code book.

CDT 2015 will be available by ADA 2014—America's Dental Meeting in San Antonio. It will include changes approved by the Code Maintenance Committee, which decides whether to add, revise or delete CDT Code entries based on arguments offered by practicing dentists, the ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs and dental organizations on the committee.

"The CDT Code is ADA intellectual property that is designed and maintained by dentists for dentists," said Dr. Andrew Vorrasi, CMC chair. "It's in this spirit that the CMC's open maintenance process engages all members of the dental community."

CDT 2015 includes 15 additions, five deletions and 52 revisions, the most notable being how descriptions of single and multi-surface restorations are defined. The CDT Code is named by the federal government as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act standard for reporting dental services on claims.

"The primary objective is a robust CDT Code that provides dentists with a clear and consistent means to document services provided on patient records and claim submissions and for third-party payers to adjudicate claims containing these HIPAA-recognized codes against dental benefit plan coverage provisions," Dr. Vorrasi said.

"Annual updates enable the CDT Code to evolve with the profession," he continued, "recognizing new types of services and filling gaps where the current taxonomy does not accurately or completely address dentistry today."

ADA member dentists can learn more about the CDT Code and how it works in two continuing education courses at ADA 2014—America's Dental Meeting. The CDT Code Open Forum (7380) is scheduled for 8-9 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 11 and participants are encouraged to offer their ideas on content for the Code. There is no fee for the course, and participants can earn one hour of CE credit.

The 16th annual Code Workshop, CDT 2015: A Look Inside the Code and Claim Submission (7395), is scheduled for 1-3:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 11. CDBP members who are involved in CDT Code maintenance will discuss what's new in the code set, how to use this information for records and claims and how to identify and address possible misuse in claim adjudication. There is no fee for this course, and participants can earn 2.5 hours of CE credit.