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CMC revises sedation code

April 06, 2015

By Kelly Soderlund

Dr. Hoffman
The Code Maintenance Committee at its March 5 meeting voted to clarify misperceptions that arose from revising an entry in CDT 2015.

Last year, CDT Code D9248's nomenclature was revised from "nonintravenous conscious sedation" to "nonintravenous moderate (conscious) sedation."

"Some dentists perceived that the revision approved for CDT 2015 now limits the procedure to delivery of moderate sedation, leaving no means to document a mild sedation procedure," said Dr. Charles Hoffman, CMC chair. "Any such limitation has been of particular concern to some Medicaid providers, who felt that using the moderate conscious sedation code might put them in conflict with various state regulations. The ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs' Subcommittee on the Code and the CMC agreed that a CDT code should not create a barrier to Medicaid services and appropriate actions were taken."

To address the CDT 2015 entry, the CMC unanimously approved an immediate clarification to be disseminated by each committee member to the dental community. The notice is posted here. The CMC also approved reverting back to the procedure code's original nomenclature in CDT 2016, which will be published and available later this year.

"All CMC member organizations agreed that the revision was not intended to limit the original scope of the code," Dr. Hoffman said.