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New dentist uses ADA CE to help keep thriving practice humming

April 20, 2015

By Jean Williams

Austin, Texas
— After working the first few years of his young career in an award-winning, state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry practice in Las Vegas, Dr. Vincent Ip left his mentor there to start his own cosmetic and patient focused-practice in his native state.

Dr. Ip left the bright lights of Vegas behind to establish Smile 360 in Austin. As a new dentist with a new practice, Dr. Ip wants his patients to know their options, so he makes certain he knows them first. “I take classes to broaden my knowledge so that when I am educating my patients I really have a good idea of how to explain to them what lies ahead in their treatment — whether it’s with me or the team of specialists I work with. Patients are looking at me as the expert.”

To that end, he signed up for three CE courses at ADA 2014 – America’s Dental Meeting in San Antonio, and he intends to take more in 2015.

Two of the courses taught him how to use lasers to manage periodontal patients: Manage Your Periodontal Patients with Techno Power (with Dr. Samuel Low) and Utilizing Dental Lasers in a Periodontal Environment (Dr. Jim Grisdale). He also took Concepts and Procedures for Predictable Crown Lengthening (Dr. Low).

CE devotee: Dr. Ip is a fan of ADA annual meeting continuing education courses, especially the ones that are most hands-on.  “I like to spend a lot of time learning about…things that will benefit my patient base,” he said.
“I’m always looking to expand my dental knowledge to stay current in my craft,” he said. “I like to spend a lot of time learning about…things that will benefit my patient base.”

The two perio courses have especially provided chairside impact.

“More than half of my patients have periodontal disease,” Dr. Ip said. “So obviously this is something that I need to stay very current on. I also need my patients to feel confident that I can help them treat their disease. There is not a day on my schedule that I don’t have a perio patient. Classes like the ones I took help me give my patients options so that we can decide what is best for them and their health.”

The hands-on aspects of the courses were beneficial to Dr. Ip. “The three classes I went to were to hear a lecture, see how it’s done, and then do it myself. Tell, show, do,” he said.

He also found the accessibility of the instructors to be a plus. “I actually reached out to Dr. Low after the classes and he was very responsive to my questions,” Dr. Ip said. “Dr. Grisdale also spent a great deal of time with me in the class. I really appreciated how gracious they were with their time; they are definitely the gold standard in periodontics.”

Because of his positive CE experiences at ADA 2014, Dr. Ip is a proponent for others attending to grow their knowledge base.
“I definitely recommend any dentist to attend this meeting,” he said. “It was a great way for me to gain knowledge, meet other dentists from across the country, shop the latest technology and have a good time with my office and peers. It’s nice to have all the big players in the field in one room and make contacts and touch and feel equipment. There were a ton of things at ADA [2014] that are never at our state convention, and that was a big plus for me. There wasn’t enough time to see it all. I’ll be back.”

New dentists have a unique new opportunity this November in Washington, D.C., as the New Dentist Conference will be held in conjunction with ADA 2015 – America’s Dental Meeting. Exclusive benefits will include a VIP lounge, access to significantly reduced hotel rates, high-level networking opportunities and a customized CE track featuring live interactive technology.

For more information about the New Dentist Conference and all that the November 5-10 ADA annual meeting has to offer, visit Search for #ADADC on Twitter and Facebook for more on ADA 2015.