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‘Follow Bob’ wrapping up at ADA 2015

August 03, 2015

By Kimber Solana

Photo of Dr. David Little, Dr. Joseph Massad and Bob Hartman
Educating dentists: Drs. David Little (left) and Joseph Massad (right) will lead an Education in the Round course at ADA 2015 on conducting a full-mouth restoration procedure on patient Robert “Bob” Hartman (center).

Washington — Nearing the end of his 18-month journey of a full-mouth reconstruction procedure, Robert “Bob” Hartman says he’s smiling a lot more today.

“Before, the way my teeth looked was always in the back of my mind,” Bob said. “I didn’t want to smile. Now, it’s different.”

Dentists interested in learning about how Bob’s full-mouth restoration process was conducted — from diagnosis to surgery — should attend ADA 2015 – America’s Dental Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Drs. David Little and Joseph Massad on Nov. 7 will lead a three-hour Education in the Round course, which will utilize a new 3-D feature. Learning objectives of the course, Follow Bob Wrapping Up at ADA 2015, include understanding and recording the esthetic and functional space before extractions and implant placement; making an accurate full-mouth implant impression in 20 minutes; understanding why verification jigs are important to success; and delivering a mandibular/maxillary implant prosthesis with accuracy.

“Dentists will be able to view the placement of a maxillary and mandibular bar overdenture with a unique retention system,” said Dr. Massad. “Dentists will be able to see how a skeletal class 3 patient can be placed into a class 1 occlusal relationship without surgery and in harmony with the muscles of both facial expression and mastication.”

In addition, the finale will be a surprise to both Bob and the attendees as Drs. Massad and Little go through a series of the trials and tribulations leading up to the conclusion.

“A filming of the actual treatment will be on the big screen as the final decisions are tested and then decided upon for the audience to see for the first time,” Dr. Massad said.

Due to decay and bone loss from lack of proper care over the years, combined with deteriorating tooth structure, the 63-year-old was in need of a full-mouth restoration.

“I had no expectations, and I went in with an open mind,” Bob said, on agreeing to undergo the procedure. “My mouth was in bad shape. Dr. Massad thought he could improve it but until he started working on it, there were no guarantees. If it works, all the better. If not, they would go to plan B, and if necessary, to plan Z for an acceptable result.”

The process was documented as part of a series of online CE courses. Bob had his first surgery last spring. In the lower arch, his teeth were extracted, alveoloplasty was performed using a bone reduction guide and six implants were placed. A screw-retained provisional was fabricated by retrofitting an immediate lower denture.

Last summer, in August 2014, Dr. Little placed four implants in Bob’s upper arch. The procedure was accomplished using guided surgery. A soft tissue-supported Simplant guide was used with the Ankylos Expert Ease guided surgery kit.

“Everything worked out that way I thought they would. Though one thing that surprised me was that I haven’t had any pain,” Bob said. “They are two of the best doctors I’ve ever dealt with. Both are very knowledgeable, very patient and they’ve become good friends.”

Attendees of the EIR course will receive three CE hours. Cost for the course (7402) is $69 before Oct. 9; $89 after. Register for ADA 2015 at For more information, contact Search for #ADADC on Twitter and Facebook for more on ADA 2015.