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Council gearing up to launch lineup of continuing education offerings on ethics

New library of courses to roll out by summer

February 02, 2015

By Jean Williams

Dr. Himmelberger
The Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs plans to roll out a new library of continuing education courses by summer and is fine-tuning an interactive CE presentation to launch at ADA 2015 — America's Dental Meeting.

"We're really excited about these new courses," said Dr. Linda Himmelberger, council chair.

The council decided to start a library after the successes of individual courses at past ADA meetings suggested ongoing interest in ethics.

Although the council occasionally produced ethics continuing education courses, a sustained interest in producing ethics educational programming is relatively recent, Dr. Himmelberger said. "We had our first course in San Francisco in 2012, and we had a standing room only crowd," she said. "That and good attendance at our courses in New Orleans and San Antonio has led us to believe that there is an continuing interest in ethics, either a resurgence in ethics or perhaps it had been there all along and just hadn't been tapped into before."

The library will be a member benefi t, Dr. Himmelberger said, available for members to access online.

Initial topics the library will cover include an introduction to ethics; an examination of common ethical issues; an exploration of ethical issues that may arise during charitable events; and analysis of ethical issues in large group practices.

"We have a council meeting in April, and we're going to record even more topics," Dr. Himmelberger said. "We're really excited because the ADA has a brand new video studio. Subsequent tapings are going to be in the studio where we have many more possibilities for the setting and background."

The planned release of the CEBJA CE materials online also will help commemorate the upcoming ADA Code of Ethics sesquicentennial.

"In 2016, the ADA will celebrate the 150th anniversary of one of the bedrock documents on which the ADA is built — our ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct," Dr. Himmelberger said. "The council views the establishment of the library of CE material on ethics to be a part of celebrating the Code of Ethics and letting people know what kinds of ethical resources are available at the ADA for them."

CEBJA also will present an all-new, interactive CE course in Washington, D.C., at ADA 2015.

"The title of the presentation that we're doing at the ADA meeting is Ethical Considerations for Difficult Discussions with Patients," Dr. Himmelberger said. "Some of the topics we're planning to cover are taking a sexual history, issues of domestic violence, substance abuse, human papilloma virus as a sexually transmitted disease that can lead to oral cancer, which really ties into the sexual history, and then pregnant teenagers."

Check future issues of ADA News for an announcement of online availability of the CE courses and for more information about the ADA Code of Ethics 150th anniversary.