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ADA brochures reinforce messages on periodontal disease for patients

January 05, 2015

Reinforce the seriousness of properly treating periodontal disease, at the dentist office and at home, by supplying patients with targeted information from the ADA patient education brochures.

Dentists can use the brochures to help illustrate how periodontal health matters to overall health, including pointing out that certain systemic diseases may be noticed because of oral health problems.

A selection of ADA brochures, each a revised bestseller addressing periodontal health, follows:

  • Periodontal Disease: Don't Wait Until It Hurts (W121) is a primer covering from prevention to treatment, including new illustrations and clarified text. Members pay $30 for 50 brochures. Retail cost is $45 for 50 brochures.
  • Periodontal Maintenance: Stay Ahead of Gum Disease (W263) details maintenance therapy and supports the message that professional help is vital ton control periodontal disease. The cost for members is $27 for 50 brochures; retail cost is $40.50 for 50 brochures.
  • Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body: Making the Connection (W203) provides a wake-up call for patients who see the mouth as a separate entity from the body by showing how periodontal disease and oral health have connections to diabetes and other chronic illness. The cost for members is $26 for 50 brochures; retail cost is $39 for 50 brochures.

Purchase any of these brochures or any ADA Catalog products by Feb. 28 and save 15 percent using promotional code 15101. Visit or call 1-800-947-4746 for more information.