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ADA provides guidance on crafting legislation

Council taps into Power of Three mission to help state societies

July 13, 2015

By Kelly Soderlund

Headshot of Dr. Hoffman
Dr. Hoffman
The ADA Council on Dental Benefit Programs has identified key concepts state dental societies can use when crafting legislation that address third-party payer issues.

CDBP has shared the resources with state dental society staff, a move Dr. Charles Hoffman, council chair, said is consistent with the ADA's Power of Three initiative, which encourages collaboration between the local, state and national dental society.

"This is the ADA assisting states with programs that will benefit members," Dr. Hoffman said. "Through input from members and from council discussions, we were aware of several areas of concern to members when it came to third-party payer issues and legislation."

CDBP identified four areas states could target when crafting legislation:
  • Affiliate carrier clauses/network rental laws.
  • Dentist designation/rating systems.
  • Inadequate notice to providers when carriers change policies.
  • Deferred compensation programs and Medicaid.

Image of Power of 3 logo
The ADA has a history helping state dental societies craft legislation that helps dentists, having been instrumental in assisting 36 states pass noncovered services laws.

"Every state is structured differently and has different laws so it's not practical to make a one-size-fits-all guide but we think if leaders pay attention to these four broad areas, they can steer lawmakers toward favorable legislation," Dr. Hoffman said. "This resource also ultimately helps the patients, as nearly half of people with dental benefits have plans that are state regulated and subject to state insurance statutes."