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70th anniversary of fluoridation

September 30, 2015 Marking an important public health anniversary, 90 people from 28 states and two countries came together at the ADA Headquarters on Sept. 11-12 to celebrate water fluoridation and the positive effect it has had on the public's oral health.
Tour: Academicians, dentists and ADA staff visit Sept. 10 the City of Chicago's James W. Jardine Water Purification Plant.
Historical: Dr. Raymond Gist, 2010-11 ADA president, speaks on the first day of the symposium about the history and importance of water fluoridation.
Municipal view: Evanston, Illinois, Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl shares the role of her city in early water fluoridation trials.
Memory: Dr. Chase Klinesteker recalls his experience as a child participant in the Grand Rapids fluoridation trial.
Taking notes: April Stopczynski, front, and Dr. Lori Henderson, attend the symposium in Chicago.
Science: Dr. Howard Pollick, ADA fluoridation spokesman and a professor at University of California, San Francisco, addresses the crowd during the science and engineering session.
Engineering: Kip Duchon, water fluoridation engineer at the CDC, discusses engineering and operational considerations for water facility operations.
Advocacy: Dr. Myron Allukian, Jr., past president of the American Public Health Association, offers remarks about fluoridation advocacy.
Legislation: Paul O'Connor, left, ADA senior legislative liaison, and Dr. Leon Stanislav, give perspectives about fluoridation and state legislation.
70th Anniversary Fluoridation Celebration and Symposium: 90 people attended the 70th Anniversary fluoridation celebration event at the ADA Headquarters in Chicago.
Gathering: The symposium ran for one-and-a-half days Sept. 11-12.
Topics: Participants heard from dozens of speakers about the history of fluoridation, science and engineering aspects, fluoridation campaigns, digital advocacy and more.
Cost of fluoridation: Dr. William Maas, advisor to the Pew Children’s Dental Campaign, was on the Sept. 11 schedule to discuss research on the current cost of fluoridation.
Strategizing: Edie Arey, left, and Weldon Johnson, of the Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation, discuss funding strategies.
Milestone: The event marked 70 years since Grand Rapid, Michigan, became the first city to fluoridate its drinking water to the recommended levels for preventing tooth decay.
Sharing: Dr. Jayanth Kumar, California state dental director, addressed the crowd on Sept. 11 about the complexities of funding water fluoridation.
Leg work: Deborah Foote, executive director of Oral Health Colorado, shares her perspective on efforts to prepare communities for fluoridation decisions.
Panel: Marjorie Stocks, Emily Firman and Dr. Allison Lesko participate in a panel about fluoridation campaign strategies.
21st century: Dr. Ronald Wilson, of Greenville, South Carolina, offers his views on fluoridation advocacy in the digital age.