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Dentist: Out of many, ADA annual meetings are best

September 29, 2015

By David Burger


Dr. Heyen
Wichita Falls, Texas — Dr. Don Heyen attended many conferences in order to be awarded an Academy of General Dentistry Mastership designation in 2013.

He singled out one conference as being among the greatest.

"The ADA annual meeting, I can say without reservation, is one of the best meetings that a dentist can attend," said the Wichita Falls, Texas, dentist.

Dr. Heyen should know, since he has been to several annual meetings, including ones in Orlando, San Francisco, Las Vegas and San Antonio (twice). "The 2014 meeting definitely met my expectations and verified that the ADA annual meeting is always worth attending," he said.

The Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry graduate said the CE courses he attended in 2014 were top-notch. "One course I especially enjoyed was a course taught by Dr. Pat Allen on periodontal grafting," Dr. Heyen said.  "It was an in-the-round course where you hear a lecture and then watch a demonstration of the procedure on a live patient. It is a fantastic learning environment that allows practitioners to see a procedure in real time, including parts of the procedure that go as planned — and some parts that might cause complications."

He continued: "I returned to my practice the next week with a new option to offer my patients.  Even though I don't do periodontal grafting in my office, it helped me understand different and better treatment options for my patients.  Since I attended this course, I have referred several patients for this procedure to periodontists."

Another CE course was able to help him when he returned to his practice. "One of the courses I attended was an update on local anesthetics," he said. "It provided the latest information that gave me confidence in what I was already doing in my own office, as well as providing interesting information on new products coming out soon."

The diversity of courses also impressed Dr. Heyen. "The annual meeting not only has technical courses but also has a variety of educational courses that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle," he said. "I have participated in the health and awareness studies provided at the ADA annual meeting.  It is so important for me as a practicing dentist to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to have good habits that will allow me to practice dentistry to the best of my ability.  Leading a healthy lifestyle will help me reach my professional goals and by God's grace, help me enjoy life after my dental career ends."

When Dr. Heyen wasn't in lectures, he spent as much time as he could in the Exhibit Hall. "It is one of the things that draws me back to attend the ADA Annual Meeting," he said. "Not only will you see new products and information about new developments in dentistry, you will most likely get the best deals of the year on products and services that the vendors offer."

Looking back on ADA 2014 – America's Dental Meeting, Dr. Heyen "appreciated the wide variety of continuing education offered, the fantastic exhibit hall and the people that serve on the governance side of the ADA. Behind the scenes, the leaders of our profession work to ensure that our profession will remain strong and viable in the years to come."

ADA 2015 – America's Dental Meeting will run Nov. 5-10 in Washington, D.C.

Registration for ADA 2015 is open online at

For a list of courses planned, visit

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