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Make sure your practice is ready to accept EMV chip cards

September 21, 2015 Come October, payment brands — Europay, Mastercard and Visa — are shifting fraud liability to businesses, including dental practices, if they have not started using terminals that accept EMV chip card accepting terminals.

EMV technology uses a chip/microprocessor — those small, metallic square embedded on new cards — to make payments at the point of sale. It helps minimize frauds and chargeback losses; prevent skimming of card data; and prevent business liability.

During an EMV transaction, the chip card is inserted inside a POS terminal to authenticate the card and complete the payment. The POS terminal helps enforce any rules stored in the chip of the card. For example, one rule could be whether the purchaser has to enter a personal identification number or provide a signature to confirm his or her identity to accept the transaction.

According to ADA Business Resources, during the early stages of EMV migration, terminals will be able to accept both chip cards and the traditional magnetic stripe. This ensures customers can continue to use their existing cards until the country has fully migrated to chip technology.

After October, however, businesses may be liable for the cost of fraudulent transactions if they are not using a device that accepts chip cards to prevent fraud. Specifically, the liability for a fraudulent transaction may go to the dentist whose equipment is not EMV-compliant.

It is inevitable that the migration to EMV chip card acceptance is going to require additional investments. The cost of the terminal is about $400-$500. To help minimize costs, ADA Business Resources recommends that if you are already planning to upgrade your point of sale hardware or software, you should consider including support for EMV and contactless technology at that time.

For more information on the EMV transition and for special offers, visit or call 1-800-618-1666. For an FAQ on the EMV transition, click here.