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ADA takes lead in alerting members to CDT 2016 issue

April 29, 2016

By Kelly Soderlund

A small percentage of flash drives included with the 2016 CDT manual were found to have malware, and the ADA took steps several weeks ago to notify all customers of the potential problem.

In late 2015, the ADA began distributing the 2016 CDT manual, which included the credit card-sized USB storage device in the back pocket that contains an electronic copy of the book. In early March, it was discovered that a small percentage of those flash drives contained malware, which was transferred to the flash drives from a subcontractor of an ADA vendor during the manufacturing process.

Upon learning that some flash drives contained malware, the ADA promptly informed all customers via email or letter of the potential problem. The ADA also worked with resellers and distributors to make sure their customers were notified.

An anti-virus software should detect the malware if it’s present, but the ADA advised dentists who haven’t used their CDT 2016 flash drive yet to throw it away. Many of the flash drives do not contain the malware. Dentists who have already used the flash drive and it worked as expected can continue using it.

All customers were given a link to an electronic version of the 2016 CDT manual as an alternative to the flash drive. To date, fewer than 10 people have reported to the ADA that their flash drive was infected.