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Members can access technical reports at no cost

June 06, 2016

By Michelle Manchir

Internet security, digital imaging and electronic health records are all subjects of ADA technical reports, and are available for download at no cost to members.

“Don’t let the moniker ‘technical report’ scare you off,” said Dr. Terry O’Toole, vice chair of the ADA Council on Dental Practice. “Technical reports, frequently referred to as TRs, are written to describe and explain a particular topic for both the nontechnical as well as the technically inclined reader.”

Previously available for download for a fee, the technical reports offer up-to-date information on new materials, technologies or software; or are tutorial in nature, helping members specify and select new hardware, software and devices of all types.

Technical reports are developed and vetted by ADA experts. Dentists, academicians, dental product manufacturers and other interested subject experts collaborate to develop the reports and consider comments from the public about them. Next, affiliated ADA council and standards committees review them for final approval.

“The goal of the technical report is to provide information that is useful to members in support of their practice,” said Dr. Gregory Zeller, ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics chair. “The focus of each report is to offer solutions to real-world issues that dentists face.”

ADA members can access technical reports at the ADA catalog, and search for “technical reports.”

The following titles are available now:
  • ANSI/ADA Standard No. 109 Procedures for Storing Dental Amalgam Waste and Requirements for Amalgam Waste Storage/Shipment Containers (2006, R2012)
  • ANSI/ADA Technical Report No. 110 Standard Procedures for the Assessment of Laser-Induced Effects on Oral Hard and Soft Tissue (2008)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1006 for Infection Control for Dental Information Systems (2013)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1021 for Recommendations for Data Redundancy (2005, R2012)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1023 for Implementation Requirements for DICOM in Dentistry (2005, R2013)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1029 for Digital Photography (2004, R2013)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1031 for Internet Security Issues for Dental Information Systems (2004, R2013)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1041 for Content of Electronic Laboratory Prescriptions (2015)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1048 for the Attachment of DICOM Dataset Using E-mail (2011, R2015)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1051 for DICOM Requirements for Digital Imaging in Institutional Dentistry (2015)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1054 for Electronic Dental Laboratory Prescriptions (2012)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1055 for Guidelines for Hardware and Software in Dental Practice (2011)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1057 for Interoperability of Imaging Technologies in Today’s Dental Practice (2010, R2013)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1059 – Guidelines for the Application of the DICOM Standard to Radiographic Cephalometric Data (2010, R2013)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1060 for the Secure Exchange and Utilization of Digital Images in Dentistry (2011, R2015)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1065 for Use Cases of the Orthodontic Health Record (2013)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1075 for Electronic Orthodontic Dental Laboratory Prescriptions (2015)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1081 for FDA’s Unique Device Identification Program for Dental Devices and Biologics Regulated as Medical Devices (2015)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1085 for Implementation Guidelines for the Secure Transmission of Protected Health Information for Dentistry (2015)
  • ADA Technical Report No. 1069 for SCDI Standard Terms, Acronyms and Definitions (2015)
  • ADA White Paper No. 1070 for Implementation of the Electronic Prescription Standard for Dentistry (2012)