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Investment in online marketing provides potential boost for dental practices

October 17, 2016

Dr. Nigro
Editor’s note: This is the fifth in a series of articles about internet marketing for dental practices. In today’s world it’s critical to create a brand and manage a reputation on the Internet. This series of articles features interviews with several ADA members who are addressing the marketing challenges dentists are facing today with the help of PBHS, the website and marketing services provider endorsed by ADA Business Resources.

Lynne Nigro, dental marketing consultant for O-G General & Family Dentistry in Glandorf, Ohio, is proud of the practice’s new website, but she’s even prouder of the results it has brought to the practice’s bottom line.

Working with PBHS, the Internet marketing company endorsed by ADA Business Resources, Ms. Nigro’s marketing campaign increased the practice’s revenue year-over-year as well as increasing new patients by 29 percent in 2015. Her brother, Dr. Anthony Nigro, had hired her to help modernize and upgrade his practice’s marketing strategy. Dr. Nigro purchased the practice in 2012.

“At first I wasn’t sure we needed to invest in the website for our practice,” Dr. Nigro said. “Now I believe that it’s crucial to building the practice’s brand, increasing referrals and maintaining communication with our existing patients.”

Like Dr. Nigro, thousands of ADA members have purchased or acquired practices with poorly functioning websites or none at all. PBHS helps dentists, especially those new to the field, understand the importance of investing in modern internet marketing to boost their dental practices while taking the guesswork out of building a website, utilizing search engine optimization and increasing their social media presence.

“We live in a rural community, and many of our patients are referred through word of mouth. Almost all of our new patients mentioned that they browsed our website before they made an appointment,” said Dr. Nigro.

Jay Levine, president of PBHS, said he understands the concerns that many dentists have about investing in online marketing.

“Today’s world has changed,” he said. “Gone are the days when a dental practice could limit their advertising structure to phonebooks and billboards. About 35 percent of our recent customers are setting up their very first webpage for their practice.”

For Ms. Nigro, the first step was to build a brand for the practice.

“We enlisted PBHS to help us build a brand identity and responsive website to enable practice growth and new patient acquisition. Once we selected a logo, we worked with the team to build our website, which we launched on time and on budget,” said Ms. Nigro.

Internet marketing is important for today’s dental practice because it’s a great way to gain new patients or secure a larger referral base, Mr. Levine said.

“Prospective patients are able to more quickly find you because of your high ranking on a Google search, research your practice, and register online,” he said, adding that increasing a practice’s visibility online can promote the authority of the practice. In addition, patients referred to specialists have an easier time finding the practice because of higher rankings on Google.

“Remember that a website gives patients their first glimpse of your practice, and patients are likely to associate a professional, quality website with professional, quality care,” Mr. Levine said.

In addition to a website, PBHS can help practices with search engine optimization and social media. According to PBHS, social media can help maintain a patient base and encourage patient loyalty, which may be as important as securing new patients. Social media also provides the chance to convey a practice’s personality.

Dr. Nigro couldn’t agree more. “The investment in our website combined with the search engine optimization and social media campaigns provided impressive returns,” he said.

PBHS is the leading provider of website design and online search engine marketing services for the dental community. Their team has helped over 5,000 dental practices create a strong Internet presence with state-of-the-art website design, search engine optimization, social media, logo design and branding and advertising. Their team of experts can help dentists create a professional, engaging website that can help them establish trust and confidence with both current and potential patients.

PBHS offers packages on websites as well as packages that includes social media, search engine optimization and other advertising.  ADA members receive a $500 discount on their package, a selection of free ADA online patient brochures and videos, plus a complimentary analysis of their current branding and online presence. For more information or to set up a free consultation, contact PBHS at 1-855-932-4232.