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ADA, Federal Trade Commission offer help to ward off scams

March 27, 2017 A new Federal Trade Commission consumer information article, "Scammers Are Not 'Friends' to Small Business Owners," warns of scams involving social media.
The FTC said, "People have reported receiving messages on Facebook telling them that they're eligible for ― or that they've won ― a business grant. If you get a message like this, do not respond. This is a scam. The government won't contact you on social media to offer you money."
In addition, the FTC advises, "Some people responded to the messages because they thought they were from a friend. Know this: scammers can spoof social media messages to make them look like they're coming from a friend. Some fake messages directed people to send a text to confirm their business grant. Don't do it. The scammer is only trying to get your cell phone number to keep trying to get your money."

For more information on the scams, visit and search for the name of the article.

The ADA's Center for Professional Success also has information about avoiding scams. Log on to and search for "scams" to learn about scams related to telemarketing, sales and other topics.

In addition, two ADA manuals from the ADA Catalog include information about keeping dentists and their patients' information safe: "The ADA Practical Guide to HIPAA Compliance — Privacy and Security Manual" and "A Dentist's Guide to the Law — 228 Things Every Dentist Should Know." Both are available at or calling 1-800-947-4746.