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PBHS website, social media plan facilitate solo practice's expansion

September 11, 2017

Family: Dr. George Evans (center) poses for a photo with his son, Dr. George Evans Jr., and daughter, Dr. Kira Evans. Dr. George Evans tapped PBHS, the website and marketing services provider endorsed by ADA Business Resources, to overhaul his website after his two children, and another practitioner, joined his practice.
Editor's note:  This is the eighth in a series of articles about Internet marketing that feature interviews with ADA members to describe how PBHS, the website and marketing services provider endorsed by ADA Business Resources, is helping dentists address today's marketing challenges.

Baltimore — For over 37 years, patients may have associated Dental Care of Baltimore with its lone dentist, Dr. George Evans. Dr. Evans thrived as many of his patients grew up with the practice, located near Baltimore in Randallstown, Maryland.

After growing dissatisfied with other career tracks, Dr. Evans' two children decided that they, too, wanted careers in dentistry.

"I think it's funny because my father always had such a passion and loves what he does but never really pushed dentistry on either one of us," said Dr. Kira Evans, Dr. George Evans' daughter. "But from his passion and his drive for what he did, it just became evident that we didn't find that in what we were doing. That's when both of us decided to go back to school."

Dr. Kira Evans was a middle school teacher and later a researcher with a master's degree in epidemiology from Johns Hopkins University. Her brother, Dr. George Evans Jr., worked as a banker and later managed business operations for their father's practice.

Joining their father chairside literally changed the face of the practice from one to many. While awaiting completion of his children's dental education, the senior Dr. Evans added another practitioner, Dr. Nathaniel Fogel, who would ultimately make it a four-dentist, six-chair practice.

The new additions meant some rebranding expertise was in order. The practice tapped PBHS — the website and marketing services provider endorsed by ADA Business Resources — to overhaul its website and add video and social media services to the marketing mix.

Dr. Kira Evans said that her father already had worked with PBHS for some 10 years as a solo practitioner and was pleased with their work.

"He says that he liked their connection to social media, and he was pleased that PBHS aggressively optimizes the website for higher ranking on search engines," she said. "He compared costs to other companies that offered similar services and he found the [price] to be much lower with PBHS than some other competitors."

Updating the practice's website with PBHS helped to educate and acclimate patients to the staff expansions, Dr. Evans said. Plus, new functionality means that patients can now readily access a variety of content, including customer reviews.

"They made it much more user-friendly," she said.

PBHS also oversees Dental Care of Baltimore's Twitter and Facebook accounts, with most of their content creation, monitoring and ad campaigns centering around the practice's Facebook audience.

"It's been really fun using social media and helping to get the word out to younger people because most of our patients are like 55 and above," Dr. Kira Evans said. "But now that social media is helping to grow our business, we're getting an increase in younger patients."

PBHS campaign suggestions also boost the fun factor of their social media content, the dentists say. For example, Dental Care of Baltimore shared in pictures, via social media, a recent ice cream social with patients at its offices.  

The practice also elected other key PBHS services to enhance its rebranding efforts online. "One of the things that we really liked was the interactive video for the website," Dr. Kira Evans said. "That was really unique. PBHS came into the office. We had patients come in, and they did interviews with teleprompters. I mean, it was a [full] production. They did all of the editing. It turned out [well]. I thought it was really nice.

"I think that having the video testimonials allows people to feel more connected to your office when they hear you talking and see who the dentists are and hear patients and see patients," she said. "It gives patients the information in a different way rather than reading [text] on the screen."

Another service the practice elected for its rebranding push was the creation of a blog, with PBHS updating content monthly. This format supersedes a newsletter the practice once produced, Dr. Evans said.

"We'd send out newsletters quarterly to our existing patients," she said. "We had little things like that. So now, even if you're not a patient, everybody can see those little nuggets in blogs."

For more information about PBHS, call 1-855-WEB-4ADA or visit To see the website for Dr. Evans' practice, visit