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Five vie for office of ADA treasurer

August 20, 2018

By Kimber Solana

The ADA House of Delegates will elect a new treasurer this fall to replace outgoing Treasurer Ronald Lemmo, of Willoughby Hills, Ohio, whose second three-year term will end at ADA 2018 – America's Dental Meeting in Honolulu.

Per ADA Bylaws, the treasurer may hold the office for two consecutive three-year terms.

Voting will take place Oct. 22.

Each candidate's curriculum vitae was provided to members of the ADA House of Delegates.

Brief biographies of each candidate follow (in alphabetical order):

Photo of Dr. Barsley
Dr. Barsley
Dr. Robert E. Barsley

Dr. Robert E. Barsley, a general dentist in New Orleans, is a past secretary/treasurer and past president of the Louisiana Dental Association. In addition, he served as secretary/treasurer for the American College of Dentists (Louisiana section) and as president for the International College of Dentists (Louisiana chapter). He served as an ADA House of Delegates member for 16 years, from 2001-17.

Dr. Barsley's additional experience includes serving in numerous committees and leadership roles at various levels of organized dentistry, including the ADA Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations (now the ADA Council on Advocacy for Access and Prevention) from 2002-06 and as a delegate to the Louisiana Dental Association House. Dr. Barsley is a 1977 graduate of Louisiana State University School of Dentistry, where he has been on the faculty since 1982 and is a professor.

Photo of Dr. Moser
Dr. Moser
Dr. John R. Moser

Dr. John R. Moser, a general dentist in Milwaukee, has served as the treasurer at the Wisconsin Dental Association since 2007 and served on its finance committee since 2003, serving as chair since 2008. He is also an adjunct clinical professor at Marquette University School of Dentistry.

Other experience includes serving on numerous committees and in leadership roles at various levels of organized dentistry, including as president, vice president and secretary/treasurer of the Greater Milwaukee Dental Association; and as a delegate to the ADA or alternate delegate from 2002-08 and 2011-18. Dr. Moser is past treasurer for The Dental Forum of Milwaukee, the Odontological Academy of Milwaukee and treasurer of the WDA Insurance and Services Corp., the state association's for-profit entity, from 2004 to present, and a founding director and chair of WDAISC Insurance Ltd., the for-profit's insurance captive.

Photo of Dr. Sherwin
Dr. Sherwin
Dr. Ted Sherwin

Dr. Ted Sherwin, a general dentist in Orange, Virginia, served on the ADA's Special Committee of Financial Affairs and on the ADA Board committees of finance, strategic planning and budget. In addition he was author and member of ADA House Resolution 97H Workgroup which studied the House budget process and strategic planning. He served his district caucus budget and business matters team for 14 years and as chair six times. Dr. Sherwin currently serves on the ADA Council on Membership.

He is serving his seventh year as treasurer of the Virginia Dental Association (2015-present, 2007-11) and is chair of its investment committee. He is past president of the VDA and past chair of the VDA Council on Finance. A graduate of the Medical College of Virginia, Dr. Sherwin completed his executive scholar certificate in nonprofit management at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management in 2017.

Photo of Dr. Tom
Dr. Tom
Dr. Franson K.S. Tom

Dr. Franson K.S. Tom, an ADA life member and general dentist in Las Vegas since 2007 who paid the previous owner's loan fully in 5 years, is a past president of the Greater Boston Chinese Dental Association, and volunteers as a jurisprudence instructor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine. 

In addition, Dr. Tom served as a delegate for the Southern Nevada Dental Society, Nevada Dental Association and the ADA. He served as founding chair of the Southern Nevada Dental Society health and wellness committee and as chair of the dental society's UNLV mentor program committee. A graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Tom was Advanced Dental Rotation Course director and instructor for the Harvard School of Dental Medicine senior class before becoming assistant professor and mentor at the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine.

Photo of Dr. Varley
Dr. Varley
Dr. Michael R. Varley

Dr. Michael R. Varley, a general dentist in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, has served as treasurer, vice president and president of the Colorado Dental Association and the Metropolitan Denver Dental Society. He also served as treasurer at the American Equilibration Society and currently serves as a Colorado Dental Foundation board member.

Other experiences include serving as an American Dental Association delegate since 2013 and serving in the ADA's Membership Reference Committee in 2015. He also served as chairman of the budget and finance committee of both the Colorado Dental Association and the Metropolitan Denver Dental Society. In addition with the ADA, Dr. Varley authored ADA House of Delegates Resolution 64-2014, which produced the student loan refinancing program through Laurel Road; and Resolution 38-2017, which addressed prohibiting the use of the Drug Enforcement Administration registration number for credentialing by dental carriers.