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Federal Trade Commission unveils new resources on ransomware, phishing

December 10, 2018 Washington — The Federal Trade Commission announced Nov. 16 it has a webpage containing new resources to help small business owners protect themselves from ransomware and phishing.

Ransomware is a cybersecurity attack that can happen when someone clicks on a link or attachment in a scam email that installs software that subsequently holds the practice's data hostage. The attackers can then ask for money or cryptocurrency, though there is no way of knowing if they will keep or delete the kidnapped files.

Phishing is when hackers mimic recognizable email addresses to ask for account information or ask the victim to click on a link that leads to ransomware.

The webpage contains information on how ransomware attacks happen, how to protect a small business and what to do if your business is attacked. There is also a video on ransomware and a quiz to test your knowledge on cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity for Small Business: Ransomware and the phishing page are on the website, available by searching for "ransomware" and "phishing." The ADA Center for Professional Success has several articles to assist dentists with cybersecurity. Visit and filter the articles on the front page by "Technology."