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Association, PBHS launch ADA TV for waiting rooms

Broadcast system highlights relationship between patient education, marketing

February 05, 2018

By Kimber Solana

photo of ADA TV in an office setting
ADA TV: The ADA and PBHS, Inc. announced Feb. 5 the creation of a broadcasting system that mixes entertainment, oral health education and marketing in dental office waiting rooms. Broadcast packages for ADA members begin at $75 per month ($125 per month for nonmembers).
Combining entertainment, oral health and marketing, the Association and PBHS, Inc. announced Feb. 5 the creation of ADA TV, a broadcasting system that allows patients in waiting rooms to watch informative videos while educating patients about oral health specific services the dental practice provides.

The joint venture includes a "nudge approach" to education by encouraging patients and their family members to consider treatment options that can suit their own health, said Jay Levine, PBHS president.

PBHS reports that practices already using the system say there is a direct correlation between the subjects of the broadcasts and patient inquiries about procedures. For example, Mr. Levine said, parents who may be waiting for their children's appointment can see videos educating them on the benefits of replacing adult teeth.

"There are parents who are partially edentulous and are not aware of the effectiveness of dental implants until learning about the benefits from ADA TV right there in the waiting room," he said.

Image of ADA TV logoADA TV is comprised of a variety of content that is specific to — and controlled by — the dental practice, including the ADA's Toothflix patient education video series, clinical videos, real time localized news, weather, sports, entertainment clips and specific practice content. The practice content, which can be regularly updated and is customizable, can include Facebook page activity, patient testimonials and treatment highlights.

"We found that if we only provide a practice with dental information, the patients lose interest over a period of time," Mr. Levine said. "We keep the waiting room audience engaged by including curated entertainment segments on sports, news, finance, home improvement, history and a wide range of entertaining content interspersed between procedural broadcasts."

To operate ADA TV, dental practices only need a television and an Internet connection. When a practice signs up for ADA TV, it receives a small Chromebit stick that plugs into any flat screen TV via an HDMI port. The software for ADA TV is configured to store, stream and broadcast presentations specifically for the individual dental practice, which has full control over what, when and how the content in their playlist is displayed.

"ADA TV highlights the impact patient education has on helping patients learn about the range of treatment possibilities," said Tony Frankos, ADA senior director of product and benefit development.

"We're excited to collaborate with PBHS to offer our library of trusted resources in new and innovative ways that will continue to set our members up for success and improve the patient's oral health."

ADA TV is endorsed by ADA Member Advantage as the only system of its kind recommended for member dentists.

Broadcast packages for ADA members begin at $75 per month ($125 per month for nonmembers), plus a one-time activation fee.

For more information on the ADA TV system, visit or call 1-888-993-5664.