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Certificate for International Volunteer Service application deadline approaching

April 24, 2019

ADA members and student members who have volunteered internationally to improve the oral and overall health of individuals are eligible to receive a token of thanks from the Association.
Applications are due July 1 for the 2019 Certificate for International Volunteer Service.

Criteria for applying for and receiving the certificate include:

  • Current ADA membership. The U.S.-based member can be active, life, student or retired.
  • Minimum of 14 days of international volunteer service within a 24-month period. This work should be sponsored by a dental school or recognized nonprofit organization.
  • Membership in good standing.

A letter or email from the organization verifying service dates is required.

The ADA may award a certificate to the same individual more than once, provided 14 new days of service have been completed for each certificate. Applicants may provide up to four International Volunteer Service examples per application.

The intent of the Certificate for International Volunteer Service is to encourage and support sustained international volunteer service with the end result of improving oral health care in developing countries through activities that will have a lasting effect. Volunteers are encouraged to promote international volunteer service in the U.S., inspire other U.S. dentists to join them or conduct follow-up visits to the same volunteer location. Where appropriate, and with the guidance of the volunteer organization/dental school, volunteers are encouraged to interact with local health care workers.

For more information about the Certificate for International Volunteer Service and to submit a nomination online, visit

Congratulations to the 2018 award recipients recognized for their volunteer efforts:

Dr. Bruce Anderson, Michigan.
Dr. Charles Arita, California.
Dr. David Bordeaux, Georgia.
Dr. Giang Chu, California.
Dr. Mark Coussens, Oregon.
Dr. Gregory Czarnecki, Michigan.
Dr. Eileen Danaher, Rhode Island.
Dr. Jamie Diament-Golub, New Jersey.
Dr. John Doerr, Arizona.
Dr. Edward Eckert, South Carolina.
Dr. Michael Farmer, North Carolina.
Dr. Jon Golub, New Jersey.
Dr. Scott Gradwell, Pennsylvania.
Dr. Mark Hansen, California.
Dr. Kevin Hardwick, Texas.
Dr. Khealynn Harris, Hawaii.
Dr. Devin Harrison, New York.
Dr. John Hillsman, North Carolina.
Dr. Jesse Hollander, Hawaii.
Dr. Ken Hutchinson, Georgia.
Dr. C. Neil Kay, Illinois.
Dr. Cynthia Kleinegger, Oregon.
Dr. Philip Koch, Georgia.
Dr. Thomas Laboe, Michigan.
Dr. Richard Litchfield, Oregon.
Dr. Manisha Makhija, Colorado.
Dr. Brian Martin, Georgia.
Dr. Laura Matsunaga, California.
Dr. Kenneth McMillan, Georgia.
Dr. Alexandra Porcu, New York.
Dr. Tyrone Rodriguez, Washington.
Dr. Stephanie Cappiello Sandretti, California.
Dr. Randolph Shoup, Indiana.
Dr. Robert Silon, New York.
Dr. Julia Snyder, North Carolina.
Dr. Bobby Stankov, California.
Dr. Michael Sullivan, Texas.
Dr. Imad Tamimi, New Jersey.
Dr. Robert Vander Broek, Minnesota.
Dr. Kevin Wall, Kentucky.
Dr. Arnold Weiss, Massachusetts.
Dr. Dale Whilden, New Jersey.
Dr. James Whitesell, Georgia.
Dr. Jim Whitney, Georgia.

To learn about international volunteer opportunities, visit the ADA Foundation’s International Volunteer Website: