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Industry speaks out on value of new HPI report

April 22, 2019

By Jennifer Garvin

A new report from the ADA Health Policy Institute is earning rave reviews from the dental industry.

“HPI’s 2019 Annual Dental Industry Report is informative, comprehensive and the most accurate I have seen in our industry. HPI’s research and reports play a critical role in guiding the dental industry through a massive transformation,” said Dr. Amir Neshat, chief executive officer of LIBERTY Dental Plan Companies.

HPI recently released its inaugural industry report — a comprehensive report featuring market trends and forecasting data to help dental industry leaders updated on the latest industry insights so they can easily navigate the dental landscape. The report draws on HPI’s analysis of a variety of data sources, including proprietary in-house data sets produced and maintained by HPI, external data sets purchased by HPI, and publicly available data.

“The Healthy Policy Institute’s Annual Dental Industry Report was of great value to me and our organization,” said James Nick, chief revenue officer, Dental Care Alliance. “The team at HPI took great effort to evaluate a wide range of sources and distill down the data into relevant trends impacting the dental industry that we are using to inform our strategic planning.  It contains highly useful information regarding dental consumers and the dental workforce currently and their changes over time. All stakeholders in the dental industry would find great value with this report.”

Additionally, the HPI Industry Report analyzes how demographic shifts are changing the dental workforce, particularly in their impact on dental school enrollment and the number of dentists choosing to practice in large group practice settings. It also looks at how reimbursement rates in private dental insurance are changing —something that is driving change in the industry.

The HPI industry report also covers:

  • Workforce diversity. In 2018, 32 percent of dentists were women and 28 percent were racial or ethnic minorities, up from 23 percent and 22 percent, respectively, from 2008.
  • Solo dental practice analysis. During the last 10 years, the number of dentists in solo practices has declined, going from 83 percent in 2007 to 78 percent in 2017.
  • Dental earnings. They increased slightly in 2017 — up to $197,190 from $192,597 in 2016 for general dentists — but still haven’t returned to pre-great recession levels. In 2005, the average general dentist earned $227,147.

Earlier this year, the Institute introduced HPI Consulting Services, which leverages ADA data, research and expert analysis to create customized industry research. The service also includes speaking engagements for groups looking for a tailored analysis of national and state-level trends and the effects on industry.

To purchase the report or learn more about exclusive offerings from the ADA Health Policy Institute, visit