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2020 budget proposal supports new ADA strategic plan

August 13, 2019

By Judy Jakush

With a full menu of goals and objectives to drive clinical excellence, the ADA member experience, advocacy and more, the ADA Board of Trustees has proposed a 2020 budget that supports its new five-year strategic plan: Common Ground 2025.

President - Cole
Dr. Cole
The 2019 ADA House of Delegates will consider the budget proposal and a dues resolution when it meets next month in San Francisco. The proposed 2020 budget calls for $133,319,000 in revenues and $133,286,000 in expenses. A resolution establishing 2020 dues calls for them to be $565, an $11 increase over the 2019 rate, in order to cover inflation of expenses. Without the dues change, there would be a $1.1 million deficit, as explained in Board Report 2 to the House.

“I urge every member to read Common Ground 2025,” said ADA President Jeffrey M. Cole. “It’s a roadmap to our future not only as members but as a profession. With the budget aligned to the plan, we can ensure our financial stability while serving our profession and the public. Change is inevitable and Common Ground shows we are proactively facing the future.”

Common Ground 2025 features four goals covering membership, finance, organizational capacity and the advancement of the health of the public and success of the profession. The goals are supported by 10 objectives.

Dr. Gehani
Dr. Gehani
ADA President-elect Chad Gehani also emphasized the importance of the strategic plan in discussing the budget proposal. “The proposed budget funds initiatives in 2020 to position the ADA to achieve the Common Ground 2025 five-year strategic plan,” he said. “This plan is aligned with the ADA mission to help dentists succeed and support the advancement of the health of the public.”

The strategic plan includes both a mission and vision statement, Dr. Gehani said. The ADA Mission Statement is “Help dentists succeed and support the advancement of the health of the public.” The ADA Vision is “Empowering the dental profession to achieve optimal health for all.”

Dr. Ted Sherwin, ADA treasurer, highlighted some activities the budget proposal supports. “There are many exciting new programs, such as strategies to deliver content around clinical excellence and new efforts in state-based advocacy related to dental benefits known as the ‘Fighting Insurance Interference Strategic Taskforce’ (FIIST). Another exciting program is the funding of practice transitions through the new ADA subsidiary, ADABIG. Its pilot programs are showing how the ADA can address the needs of established and new dentists during the critical time of practice transitions.”

Treasurer - Sherwin
Dr. Sherwin
He said an inflation-based dues increase helps the Association maintain financial stability.

“One of the financial goals of the Board is to have fewer big increases in our dues by having small yearly inflation-based dues increases. Stability in dues serves our members as well as the long-term financial outlook of the ADA,” Dr. Sherwin explained.

Dr. Sherwin is serving his first year as treasurer, after being chosen for that role by the 2018 House of Delegates. He took a moment to reflect on what financial stability means to the Association: “The ADA is celebrating 160 years of service to the profession and the public. For many generations, no other organization is so recognized by the profession or the public. To continue that legacy, we must have the finances to support our work today, tomorrow and beyond. This requires a long-term approach that can weather any unpredicted storms of change in the future. This is what we mean by financial stability: the ability of ADA’s finances to successfully support our service to the profession and the public for generations to come.”

Board Report 2, which details anticipated revenues and expenses for 2020, is available in the members only section of, contained in the Committee A reports and resolutions document.

The ADA House of Delegates will meet Sept. 6-9 in the Moscone Convention Center West.

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