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Candidacy announcement rules updated for ADA president-elect, second vice president candidates

January 07, 2019 Effective at the opening of the 2019 House of Delegates session, the 2018 House has adopted new rules governing candidacy announcements for ADA president-elect and second vice president.

The updated Election Commission Rules Governing the Conduct of Campaigns for All ADA Elective Officers now require candidates to formally announce no later than the final day of the ADA annual meeting that comes before their candidacy if they wish to campaign outside their trustee districts.

If they announce after the last day of the annual meeting preceding their candidacies, their campaigning will be limited to their own trustee districts. They are permitted to be nominated at the annual session per election rules, as included in Paragraph 5 of the Election Commission Rules:

5. Candidates for president-elect and second vice president shall formally announce their intent to run for office on the final day of the annual session immediately preceding their candidacy. A formal announcement shall include, at a minimum, the name of the candidate and an identification of the office being sought. Prior to this formal announcement, candidates may freely campaign within their own trustee districts. Campaign activities outside a candidate's own trustee district shall begin only after the official announcement at the annual session. Candidates for president-elect and second vice president not formally announcing their candidacies on the last day of the annual session immediately preceding their candidacy shall not be permitted to campaign outside their own trustee districts but shall be permitted to be nominated for elective office at the annual session of the House of Delegates pursuant to Chapter VI., Section B.1. of the Governance Manual of the American Dental Association.

For a copy of the Election Commission Rules or for more information, contact Diane Ward,