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2019 House actions enhance state-based advocacy, financial stability of Association

September 10, 2019

By Judy Jakush

San Francisco — The ADA House of Delegates closed its 2019 session Monday with a balanced budget, adopting policies designed to support state-based advocacy, enhance the digital member experience and continue efforts to strengthen the financial stability of the Association.

The budget calls for $133,353,000 in expenses, with an $11 increase in the dues rate for ADA active members. Resolution 34H-2019 sets 2020 national dues at $565.

“The House has shown support for the priorities in the new five-year strategic plan, Common Ground 2025,” said ADA President Chad P. Gehani after the meeting. “We are able to support key initiatives for states, helping them through efforts to streamline the dues process as well as to enhance advocacy efforts.”

Dr. Daniel J. Klemmedson, ADA president-elect, expressed his appreciation of the group’s actions. “The ADA House of Delegates once more through their collective wisdom acted on behalf of our membership to advance the mission and values of our Association,” he said. “Prominent in those actions were efforts to assure fiscal sustainability. Modifications in dues structure contributed by both ends of the career spectrum combined with annual cost-of-living adjustments will help provide the resources necessary for ADA and member priorities.”

Dr. Ted Sherwin, ADA treasurer, emphasized that the budget is a blend of programs that support members’ success and help improve the oral health of the public. “The House actions mean we can go forward with new initiatives such as supporting states against third-party intrusion; initial work on a new clinical data registry; and enhancement to our digital interactions with members. We are putting more resources into helping our members be successful and for our constituent societies to be successful.”

These and other 2019 House actions will be reported in greater detail in upcoming issues of the ADA News, in print and online.