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Letters: Reimbursement

June 04, 2012

Drs. Brian Coerver and Blair Waldron have raised good points concerning insurance reimbursement and direct reimbursement ("Letters," April 23 ADA News). The basic truth remains, however, very simple.

Over time, the average value to the patient of private dental insurance cannot exceed the 65 to 70 percent of the premium remaining after commissions, marketing, administration and profit are extracted.

Direct reimbursement, in addition to restoring the dental care-seeking individual’s full range of options, should return at least 95 percent due to no commissions, marketing expense or profit, and much reduced administrative expenses.

The illusion of "reduced fee for equivalent services" is a hoax being played on a gullible public with the occasional unwitting participation of the economically unschooled dentist.

Joseph Carastro IV, D.M.D.
Goleta, Calif.