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Letters: Hurricane survivors

March 18, 2013

We would like to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the wonderful article you wrote about our Hurricane Sandy experience ("New Jersey Dentists Lose Office, Gain Hope After Hurricane," Feb. 4 ADA News).

It has been a harrowing time for us. Our days are filled with decisions and dealing with questions from plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters, loan officers and dental suppliers.

However, we are very excited to tell you that, after four months as displaced persons practicing dentistry out of Tupperware containers in our colleagues' offices, we are looking forward to reopening our beautifully renovated "new" office within the next week or so.

This has been a very difficult lesson but it has also been a rewarding one for us. We have been contacted by friends from our past. We have met new friends. We have commiserated with fellow businesspeople and residents from Sea Bright as well as from our hometown of Monmouth Beach. We have encouraged each other and sometimes we have just listened because that is what we needed to do.

The Jersey Shore is beginning to come back. As we told you, insurance money and federal funds are being released at a painfully inadequate pace. It is like a faucet that has been turned on to only release a trickle when what is sorely needed is a full financial irrigation system. In our little seaside town, slowly but surely, more lights are peaking through the windows of homes and businesses during the evening hours. Proof of life and hope. It is going to take time but we will be back ... and hopefully we will be better prepared for any future events.

I fully believe that it will take close to two years for things to get back on an even keel. As I said, we have been blessed to serve the community of Sea Bright and surrounding towns since 1985. With a little luck maybe we will never have to relive a saga like this one again in our professional careers.

Kevin Collier, D.M.D.
Michele Brucker-Collier, D.M.D.
Sea Bright, N.J.