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Letters: Dental visits tied to need

September 16, 2013

I appreciate Dr. Kevin Hanley's viewpoint in the Aug. 19 issue of the ADA News, and we all agree that good dental health fosters good general health.

However, the reduction in dental visits should not come as a surprise to us.

No matter what motivational techniques we employ, or new treatment modalities we apply, dental needs and dental visits are inextricably tied.

In as much as fluoride and prevention have had a profound and increasing impact on per capita dental needs, we can anticipate a further reduction in dental visits.

Dental academician and administrators have been short-sighted in their efforts to enlarge existing schools and/or build new ones.

Those of us who are currently practicing see the business challenges that are created by an excess of dental providers, and unless efforts are made to re-establish a proper ratio of providers to patients, the problem will worsen for future graduates.

Stephen D. Carter, D.D.S.
Snellville, Ga.