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Letters: More on Sen. Sanders

September 16, 2013

I felt the need to respond to Dr. Nicholas Emery's letter regarding Sen. Bernie Sanders. Unless I'm mistaken, I thought the mission of the ADA was to be concerned with patient care and not to help preserve the wealth and property of dentists. People who have attained great wealth through the practice of dentistry need to learn to be grateful for the chance they were given to do so and need to stop setting up straw men who will take it away.

Sen. Sanders is a Socialist but has never recommended redistributing anything. He has supported higher taxes on the "wealthy" to use his words and more programs to help the poor. That's it. He filibustered for about 12 hours three years ago in opposition to extending the Bush tax cuts. He felt the money could be better used to help poor people. Is that such a radical proposal?

Paying a little more in taxes, say an extra 4.5 percent on earned income over $250,000 is not going to kill anybody. Sen. Sanders has supported efforts to increase access to dentistry for adults and especially children. He supports equal opportunity, not handouts. He fights for better wages, working conditions and health care for the poorer among us. If he calls for higher taxes on those of higher income, it is in the tradition of our country since the Great Depression.

Will I accept taking a little less so others may have a little? Yes, and I think most other dentists would, too. We have done remarkably well in our profession and should be thankful. I have worked hard but could not have gotten here without guaranteed student loans and an undergraduate education at a state school. We've all had help and it is imperative that we help others. So, yes, Sen. Sanders deserves support by the ADA.

Henry M. Rosenberg, D.M.D.
Manchester, Conn.